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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


20th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 1991
Pages 419-446

Career Management System, A Better Step to Succession Planning

Sri F. Tarmizi, Lina Lais


All components in the cycle of Human Resource functions within an organization have to be handled with the aim of improving the employees' quality of work and quality of life and thus to benefit the organization. This means all efforts, which are based on business assumptions are not only made in the area of compensation and benefits, but also in terms of giving the employees chances to grow and to perform to their maximum potential where there is a willingness from the organization to rotate or to promote the employee to a more challenging and motivating job. A good career management system provided by the organization will facilitate the process and will help the manager to define, communicate and prepare realistic career planning for the employees and to support them in realizing their plans, which are, of course, in line with the company's objectives.

Good human resourse planning, both in quality and quantity, which is identified from the business plan and the business environment (e.g.: in regard to compliance with government regulations), as a start of the whole process, is critical; e.g. as a basis for decision making in the recruitment program. A successful recruitment program supported by a good evaluation system and developmental program is essential for PSCs, not only for the success of the work program, but also in line with the commitment to Indonesianization and compliance with government regulations. More often than not, succession planning is put in a very narrow context as a plan to replace expatriates or the famous term "Indonesianization Plan". A wider perception, as described above, will be in everybody's interest: the management, the employees and the government. A good career management system within the organization will put the succession planning in a better context: that is a plan to replace an incumbent for a particular position with one who is qualified or identified as a potential successor, regardless of whether the incumbent is an expatriate or a national employee. The career management system is just one of the management tools for the success of the company throughout its entire life.

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