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Indonesian Petroleum Association


21st Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 1992
Pages 549-586

Reservoir Management: Technical Perspective

Abdus Satter, James E. Varnon, Muu T. Hoang


A reservoir's life begins with exploration leading to discovery followed by delineation of the reservoir, Previous HitdevelopmentNext Hit of the field, Previous HitproductionNext Hit by primary, secondary and tertiary means, and finally to abandonment. Sound reservoir management is the key to maximizing economic operation of the reservoir throughout its entire life. Technological advances and rapidly increasing computer power are providing tools to better manage reservoirs and are increasing the gap between good and neutral reservoir management.

The modern reservoir management process involves goal setting, planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and revising plans. Setting a reservoir management strategy requires knowledge of the reservoir, availability of technology, and knowledge of the business, political, and environmental climate. Formulating a comprehensive management plan involves depletion and Previous HitdevelopmentNext Hit strategies, data acquisition and analyses, geological and numerical model studies, Previous HitproductionTop and reserves forecasts, facilities requirements, economic optimization, and management approval. Implementing the plan requires management support, field personnel commitment, and multidisciplinary, integrated teamwork. Success of the project depends upon careful monitoring/surveillance and thorough, ongoing evaluation of its performance. If the actual behavior of the project does not agree with the expected performance, the original plan needs to be revised, and the cycle (implementing, monitoring, and evaluating) re-activated.

This paper provides management, engineers, geologists, geophysicists, and field operations staff with a better understanding of the practical approach to reservoir management using a multidisciplinary, integrated team approach. To illustrate the reservoir management concepts and processes, an example of reservoir management for a newly discovered field is also presented.

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