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Indonesian Petroleum Association


24th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 1995
Pages 377-386

Well Optimization in the Development of South Lhok Sukon "A" and "D" Fields, North Sumatra

Alex H. Isyna, K. Sampath, Z. M. Yahya, Pudji Permadi, E. A. Salam


The South Lhok Sukon (SLS) 'A' & 'D' gas reservoirs are located southeast of the Arun field in North Sumatra, Indonesia. The SLS 'A' reservoir was discovered in 1972 and SLS 'D' was discovered in 1991. The Peutu Limestone is the productive horizon in both reservoirs, and contains very lean gas.

Based on an integrated geophysical, geological, and engineering analysis, reservoir simulation Previous HitmodelsNext Hit were developed for each field. The simulation Previous HitmodelsNext Hit were used to evaluate development options. In this paper, we describe the results of production well optimization studies using the simulation Previous HitmodelsNext Hit. The well locations were designed to take advantage of geologic features such as facies distribution and high permeability/porosity Previous HitlayersNext Hit.

Recent improvements in drilling technology have resulted in wider use of Previous HithorizontalNext Hit wells for field development. The advantages of using Previous HithorizontalNext Hit wells versus vertical wells in South Lhok Sukon was investigated and Previous HithorizontalNext Hit wells were selected because of their higher deliverability. Because Previous HithorizontalNext Hit well performance is strongly dependent on the vertical/Previous HithorizontalNext Hit permeability ratio, the effect of Kv/Kh ratio was examined. Other variables such as well location, Previous HithorizontalTop section length, and well trajectory were investigated. The effects of skin factors and tubing size were also determined. As a result of well optimization, the total number of wells and field development costs were reduced, resulting in improved project economics.

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