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Indonesian Petroleum Association


29th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 1), 2003
Pages 1-7

Shared Earth Modeling: A 21st Century Approach to Exploration and Production

Daniel J. Tearpock


In order to develop an accurate shared earth model for exploration or development projects, companies need to apply a proven exploration/development philosophy centered around true synergistic multidiciplinary teams using advanced integrated interpretation software and project workflows. The technical philosophy and methods used by a team are an important factor in success. Decades of observation and analysis indicate that one of the primary reasons some individuals, teams or companies are more successful than others is the direct result of the technical philosophy and methods used.

The many problems being addressed by the petroleum industry that require specialized knowledge about too many subjects to be adequately addressed by an individual have led to the creation of multidiciplinary teams. A shared earth model incorporates data from all disciplines in real-time. Recent developments in software integration are beginning to allow the use of a single database to store and use information for realtime geological, geophysical and engineering activities. This database is, in effect, the beginning of a shared earth model. The methods used are integrated into the software and team activities through specific project workflows designed to meet the objectives and goals of each project.

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