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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


29th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 1), 2003
Pages 1-7

Prospects to Reservoir Models: Streamline the Workflow

Dylan Mair, Christi Gell, Noel Lucas


Next generation 3D interpretation and reservoir modeling workflows provide order of magnitude gains for prospecting and development planning. New interpretation and modeling workflows take advantage of new methodologies and underlying technologies to use all available data instead of mimicking workflows that were designed around the limitations of earlier software and hardware, or were even derived from paper sections. Rapid identification and characterization of seismic anomalies enhances prospects identification and enables multiple realizations of each prospect model. Models are provided directly to the simulator and incorporated into an integrated asset-planning environment for portfolio risk analysis, automated well targeting and optimal field planning.

A four- to seven-fold decrease in cycle time has been proven worldwide for the seismic interpretation stage of a project, using this approach based on visualisation. Integrating this directly with reservoir modeling the asset team can now turn seismic data into reservoir models in days, rather than months. This enables a streamlined interpretation to simulation workflow within every asset team, and even provides reservoir models for those assets without a dedicated modeling specialist.

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