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Indonesian Petroleum Association


29th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 2003
Pages 1-13

Managing Safety and Reliability of a Submarine Gas Pipeline: East Java Gas Pipeline Case Study

Arie Wisianto, Harjana Kodiyat


Safety and environmental issues have now become an important competitive and human interest challenge to Indonesian gas transmission companies. Managing safety and reliability will enhance value not only for the company but also for the stakeholder. The East Java Gas Pipeline is a national strategic asset that has important value. It has two sections, a 28" × 357 km offshore section and a 28" × 70 km onshore section. Today it delivers about 200 million cubic feet of natural gas per day from Pagerungan Island to consumers located in East Java province.

This paper will discuss our efforts to manage the safety, reliability and integrity of a submarine gas pipeline, taking as our subject the offshore section of the East Java Gas Pipeline. This was selected because recently this section became a national issue due to free-spanning and potential zero remaining lifetime problems. Pipeline Integrity Management guidelines, which are usually applied onshore (ASME B31.8-S), have been employed. Combined with other references these have provided useful guidelines.

As part of our pipeline integrity program, a rectification project was conducted. The project scope included burying the pipeline in zones II and III using the trenching method on a live gas pipeline, involving 240 km of trenching work, the longest such project in this region. In zone I, the pipeline was buried or supported by grout bags. This paper will explain the background of this project, the selection of the appropriate rectification method, and project management issues.

In this paper we also discuss the use of ROV surveys, inspection surveys, corrosion surveys, inline inspection, quantified risk assessment, mitigation, and certification program. By managing pipeline safety and reliability, our goal is to satisfy our stakeholders, to protect the environment and to enhance value for all parties.

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