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Indonesian Petroleum Association


29th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 2003
Pages 1-12

Coaching for Sustainable People Development and Performance: Lessons from Unocal Indonesia

Budi Darmawan, Emeraldina Darmidjas, K. Sitawati Arsanti, Wisnu Prasedyoko


Unocal Indonesia has been operating in Indonesia for over 30 years and has been faced with bumps and successes in operations. The need for reliable expertise has never been more critical to ensure sustainable performance. Workforce is currently aging and retirement exodus has been around the corner while workload is increasing rapidly as activities peaks up.

Study shows over 80% of what we learn occurs on the job. With this premise, coaching has been evaluated as an effective tool for learning and skill acquisition/development. With firm articulation of the business case and the management need for a sustainable performance, the management had set out a project called Field Manpower Plan 2002-2010 since by 2010 it is anticipated that retirement turnover would be amazingly high while operations should still be maintained. The projected retirement is predicted not to be in synch with hiring new employees and secondly, there is minimum training processes to smoothen and accelerate the new hires.

A strategic process should be made available for interfacing the induction of new hires with the upcoming challenges, which thus accelerated learning and readiness for the new hires to assume the responsibilities and at the same time the new hires should be able to contribute to the operations. Coaching was then elected as key process and proven to be an effective way for sustaining people development and performance in Unocal Indonesia.

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