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Indonesian Petroleum Association


29th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 2003
Pages 1-9

Do We Manage Change Properly? Exspan Best Practices



Like several other oil and gas companies, Exspan's business activity is still growing. Recent, significant changes in Exspan have occurred as new contract areas have been aggressively acquired. New technology has also been implemented, the number of employees has increased, and the levels of employees' competencies required by the company to face more complex activities have also been raised.

In accordance with one of the commitments made by company management, change management has been implemented during this period of rapid growth, especially in the way the company transfers knowledge, skills and best practices in order to increase employees' personal development. This has resulted in more effective guidance and a more cost effective working environment. Obstacles sometimes exist, but usually they are discussed thoroughly and an appropriate solution is found.

As a learning company, Exspan has developed and implemented knowledge management, including eLearning, eLibrary, and has used Information Technology to enable change management, especially in oil and gas exploration activities. A knowledge-sharing culture is also being nurtured in order to implement the knowledge management effectively. To support knowledge management and a culture of sharing, a knowledge-based database available to all employees is being developed.

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