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Indonesian Petroleum Association


29th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 2003
Pages 1-11

The Applications of Jet Pumps as a Cost Effective Way to Enhance Gas Production and Recovery

M. M. Sarshar, Najam A. Beg, Ian Andrews


The produced or processed gas is often at a lower pressure than that demanded by the transportation or process system and costly compressors are generally used to boost its pressure. In some applications the field layout and operation conditions also cause restrictions in production from the producing wells. The use of jet pumps is a cost effective way to boost the pressure of low pressure (LP) gas or increase production from LP wells at a fraction of the cost of compressors. Jet pumps can also help to debottleneck the existing compressors.

This paper describes the principle of their operation, factors affecting their performance and the common range of applications of the system in the oil and gas industry. Some recent field examples are given, together with comments on the economic aspects of their use. Recent field applications have proven that the payback period for the capital is achieved in a few days to a few weeks, depending on the field conditions.

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