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Indonesian Petroleum Association


29th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 2003
Pages 1-15

World's First Level 6 Multilateral Intelligent Completion: Case History

Wayne P. Mitchell, Mohamed Hegazy, Tim O'Rourke, Didier Drablier, Pat McKinley, Jim Fairbairn, Tom Pulick


Multi-Lateral well technology has been utilized in the infill development drilling in the North East Intan Alpha field offshore south Java Sea, Indonesia.

The primary incentives to apply Multi-Lateral well technology on this project were to: minimize the further capital investment of installing an additional platform structure by maximizing slot usage, increase the total field production by drilling all the infill wells in the development program, and to increase production by combining the targets.

In August 2002, China National Offshore Operating Company installed the world's first TAML (Technology Advancement of Multilateral) Level 6 Multilateral with an intelligent completion using artificial lift.

Rapid Sealâ„¢ is a symmetrical dual-leg TAML level 6 junction that optimizes the branch/parent diameter ratio while providing a predictable mechanical integrity based on a known geometry. The junction legs are compressed so that the overall junction outer diameter is comparable to that of the parent casing. As a result, casing size loss is reduced in the transition between the parent casing and the two symmetrical outlets. The compressed-shape dual-leg junction is run in the hole at the bottom of the parent casing. The junction legs are expanded down-hole to their original outer diameter using a down-hole junction forming process based on wireline technology.

Well NE-Intan A-24ml was drilled and completed with both laterals producing from the 31-1 Sands. The 9frac58.gif (858 bytes)in. Rapid Sealâ„¢ junction was used to create the transition from the 9frac58.gif (858 bytes)in. casing to two 6frac18.gif (854 bytes)in. laterals that were completed with 3frac12.gif (855 bytes)in. Premium screens in lateral 1 and 4frac12.gif (855 bytes)in. Premium screens in lateral 2. ECP technology was employed to isolate the producing zones from the upper hole section.

This paper will describe the candidate selection process, economic feasibility, planning, drilling, junction deployment and finally the completion of the well.

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