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Journal of Petroleum Geology


Journal of Petroleum Geology, Vol.2, No.4, 411-425, 1980

┬ęCopyright 2000 Scientific Press, Ltd.

the evolution of rank within a sedimentary pile

N. J. R. Wright*

*Phillips Petroleum Co. Future Ventures Secn., 266 FPB, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA.


Through using the current published literature and attempting to gain insights into the Previous HitmaturationNext Hit history of sedimentary basins, in particular the time of potential oil generation, the author has become aware of certain problems associated with the diagrammatic representation of burial histories and rank evolution. This note does not represent the product of any new experimental work or any rethinking of the thermodynamics of the complex organic reactions involved in Previous HitmaturationNext Hit of kerogen; I have simply taken published "models" of organic Previous HitmaturationTop and attempted to apply them to a simple and, I think, intuitively understandable pictorial representation of the progressive evolution of rank within a sedimentary column.

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