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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Petroleum Geology


Journal of Petroleum Geology, Vol.15, No.1, pp. 97-110, 1992

┬ęCopyright 2000 Scientific Press, Ltd.

DISTRIBUTION IN THE SCAPA Previous HitFIELDNext Hit, U.K. Previous HitNORTHNext Hit Previous HitSEANext Hit

L. A. Riley,* S. D. Harker** and S. C. H. Green**

*Paleo Services, Watford, U.K.

**Elf Enterprise Caledonia Ltd., Aberdeen.


Three discrete turbidite sandstone bodies form the Scapa Sandstone Member reservoir units within the limestone, marl and conglomerate sequence of the Early Cretaceous Valhall Formation in the Scapa Previous HitfieldNext Hit (UK Previous HitNorthNext Hit Previous HitSeaTop Block 14/19). Eighteen palynological zones have been established for the Valhall Formation, designated as VA in the early Aptian through VR in the latest Ryazanian. Scapa reservoir sandstones are restricted to the late Hauterivian VF to early Valanginian VQ zones. Black, anoxic mudstones of the Fischschiefer Member form a widespread intra- early Aptian correlation marker at the base of zone VA in the upper Valhall Formation.

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