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Journal of Petroleum Geology


Journal of Petroleum Geology, Vol.15, No.3, pp. 362-366, 1992

┬ęCopyright 2000 Scientific Press, Ltd.


H. Koyi*

* The Hans Ramberg Tectonic Laboratory, Institute of Geology, University of Uppsala, Box 555, S-751 22 Uppsala, Sweden.
Present address: Applied Geodynamics Laboratory, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin, University Station, Box X Austin, Texas 78713, USA

Hospers (pp. 359-361, this issue) raises two questions on the application of model results in my 1991 paper on the Norwegian-Danish Basin: (1) unlike the Norwegian-Danish Basin, the buoyant layer in the models is resting on a flat, horizontal base; and (2) sedimentation is not simulated in the models. These two points are not justified because their answers are already in the paper. I am surprised that Hospers did not comment on a horizontal and flat base in the models in earlier correspondence (Hospers, pers. comm., 1990, Koyi, 1991). Here, I will clarify parts of my paper, and draw a general conclusion on the effects of basement faults on diapirism and basin floor slope.

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