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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Montana Geological Society



Montana Geological Society: Energy Resources of Montana
June, 1975

Pages 223 - 227


W. W. BOBERG, Exploration Geologist, Minerals Department, Continental Oil Co., Casper, Wyoming 82601


Occurrences of uranium have been located in many scattered areas and varied geologic environments in the State of Montana. These occurrences are as vein fillings, as sandstone-type deposits, in lignites or coals, within pegmatite dikes, or in the Permian Phosphoria Formation. Limited quantities of uranium ore have been produced from several small properties in the past, but total production has been small. Forecast shortages of uranium to supply the increasing numbers of nuclear power plants is spurring exploration. Several companies are currently exploring for sandstone-type uranium occurrences within the state. These exploration activities are regulated by the Montana Strip Mining and Reclamation Act which also includes coal.

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