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Montana Geological Society



Montana Geological Society: Twenty-fourth Annual Conference: 1978 Williston Basin Symposium: The Economic Geology of Williston Basin
September 24-27, 1978

Pages 437 - 437

ABSTRACT: Status Report on Evaluation of Coal Resources in Richland County, Montana

MARY ALICE SPENCER, U.S. Geological Survey, Billings, Montana


The Girard coal Previous HitfieldNext Hit is in Richland County, Mont., and is surrounded by the Culbertson, Sidney, and Richey-Lambert coal fields.

In the north half of the Girard Previous HitfieldNext Hit, four coal beds, the D, F, G, and H, have been mapped along the badlands south of the Missouri River. The G and H beds, exposed in the Cedar Coulee quadrangle south of the Missouri River, are correlative with the E and F beds of the Culbertson Previous HitfieldNext Hit in Roosevelt County north of the river Subsurface Previous HitdataNext Hit support this correlation and provide Previous HitdataNext Hit on the areal extent of these beds.

The correlation of the beds between the north and south parts of the Girard Previous HitfieldNext Hit is complex. In the south half, names derived from local mines were applied to many of the beds, and their relative stratigraphic positions are less certain due to the poor exposures of the beds. For Previous HitexampleNext Hit, the H bed of the north half is correlative with the beds mapped as the Prittegurl and Gardner beds in the south half of the Girard Previous HitfieldNext Hit.

Correlations between the southern Girard Previous HitfieldNext Hit and the adjacent Sidney and Richey-Lambert fields are tentative. Additional subsurface Previous HitdataNext Hit are required.

The Pust bed is the major coal bed in the Richey-Lambert Previous HitfieldNext Hit, attaining a thickness of 40 ft. (12.2 m) south of Burns Creek. In the vicinity of Lambert, Montana, the bed is split. The upper split may be correlative with the Prittegurl bed of the Girard Previous HitfieldTop.