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Montana Geological Society



Bakken Formation Short Course: Study Notes No. 1
March 28-29, 1990

Pages 16 - 16

ABSTRACT: Analysis of Horizontal Bakken Development

Jim Artindale, District Reservoir Engineer, Canadian Hunter, Calgary

Geologic evidence suggests that a large portion of the 100 to 150 billion barrels of oil generated in the Bakken has been trapped resulting in an overpressured environment covering millions of acres. Petrographic information indicates that regional and interstitial forces have created widespread fracture systems.

This final part summarizes reservoir and production studies, which help to clarify the Previous HitmagnitudeNext Hit and potential of the Bakken reservoir. Although there is substantial evidence of a widespread, massive accumulation of oil reserves within the Bakken, the development of this prospect is primarily dependent upon understanding the in-situ fracture systems. Reservoir data indicates the type, Previous HitmagnitudeTop, and interconnectivity of the fracture systems. It is apparent from this information that the intensity of fracture spacing has generated regions of effective communication and common drainage. The size and implication of these pools is addressed. Finally, a summary of the horizontal wells drilled to date and an analysis of their azimuth and length of penetration is related to their productivities.