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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Montana Geological Society



Expanded Abstracts Volume: Rocky Mountain Section Meeting: AAPG
July 28-31, 1996

Pages 0 - v

FRONTMATTER: Expanded Abstracts Volume: Rocky Mountain Section Meeting: AAPG


Sponsors and Contributors vi
AAPG: Structure and Tectonics
STl Tectonic Ancestry of Central Montana and its Influence on Inversion Tectonics
L.A. Woodward 3
ST2 The Role of Spaced Cleavage on the Porosity and Permeability within a Reservoir Unit
P.A. Thorn, D.R. Lageson 9
ST3 Foreland Structure — Beartooth Mountains, Montana and Wyoming
D.M.Clark 15
AAPG: US - Canada Border Plays
UC1 Wayne Field: A Horizontal Drilling Case Study
J.B. Jennings, R.P. Johnson 23
SEPM: Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
SS1 Coal Zone Stratigraphy — A New Tool for High-Resolution Depositional Sequence Stratigraphy in Near-Marine to Non-Marine Fluvial-Deltaic Facies Associations: A Case Study from the Ferron Sandstone, East-Central Utah
J.R. Garrison Jr., T.C.V. van den Bergh 31
SS2 Channel Belt Architecture and Geometry — A Function of Depositional Parasequence Set Stacking Pattern, Ferron Sandstone, East-Central Utah
T.C.V. van den Bergh, J.R. Garrison Jr. 37
SS3 Stratigraphy and Depositional Processes of Eocene Volcanic Rocks in the Shoshone River Valley, Wyoming
D.H. Malone 43
SS4 Influence of Permian Salt Dissolution on Cretaceous Previous HitOilNext Hit and Previous HitGasNext Hit Entrapment and Reserve Potential, Denver Basin, Western Nebraska
D.W. Oldham, R.A. Smosna 49
AAPG: Geophysical Case Studies
GC1 Seismic Stratigraphy — Lodgepole Play Examples
J.A. Andrew 57
GC2 Exploring Overpressured, Naturally Fractured Reservoirs, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: A Multi-disciplinary Effort
S.L. Parks, M.S. Gale 69
GC3 Electromagnetic Imaging of Previous HitOilNext Hit and Previous HitGasNext Hit Traps
G.V. Keller, M.T. Tasci, J.M. Jordan 81
Previous HitEMDNext Hit: Coal Bed Methane and Soil Previous HitGasNext Hit Geochemistry
CB1 Reservoir Characterization Using Surface Geochemistry, Sorrento Field, Cheyenne County, Colorado
J.M. Fausnaugh 89
CB2 Radiometric Surveying Applied to an Evaluation of Sorrento Field, Cheyenne County, Colorado
A.V. Gallagher 93
CB3 The Application of Iodine and Magnetic Susceptibility Surface Geochemical Surveys in the Lodgepole Play, Eastern Williston Basin, North Dakota
S.A. Tedesco 97
CB4 Factors Affecting Previous HitGasNext Hit-Content Distribution in Coal Beds: A Review
A.R. Scott, W.R. Kaiser 101
CB5 Fort Union Coals of the Northern Rockies and Great Plains: A Linchpin of a New Approach to National Coal Resource Assessment
R.M. Flores, G.D. Stricker 107
CB6 Anthracite: A Promising New Target for Coalbed Methane Exploration
D.K. Murray 113
CB7 Coalbed Gs Producibility and Resource Assessment of the Piceance Basin, Northwestern Colorado
R. Tyler, A.R. Scott, W.R. Kaiser, H.S. Nance 119
AAPG: New Exploration Ideas, Plays
NE1 Bakken and other Devonian-Mississippian Petroleum Source Rocks, Northern Rocky Mountains—Williston Basin: Depositional and Burial History and Maturity Estimations
J.A. Peterson 127
NE2 Resistivity Variations in Eocene Sandstones from the Laney Shale Member, Green River Formation, Green River Basin, Wyoming, USA
R.J. Vinopal, E.B. Nuhfer 133
NE3 Application of Short Wave Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy in Reservoir Analysis
L.H. Taylor, R.J. Vinopal 137
NE4 A Prototype for Computer Management of Petroleum Data and Generation of Maps and Sections using 4th Dimension
D.E. French, J.D. McBane 139
NE5 Methods of Estimating and Predicting Abnormal Formation Pressures
V.A. Serebryakov 145
NE6 A Comparison of the Rates of Hydrocarbon Generation from Potential Petroleum Source Rocks of the Bakken Formation and Upper Lodgepole, False Bakken, and Scallion Units of the Lodgepole Formation, Williston Basin, USA
D.M. Jarvie, R.J. Elsinger 153
NE7 Influence of Permian Salt Dissolution on Distribution of Shallow Niobrara Previous HitGasNext Hit Fields, Eastern Colorado
D.W. Oldham, R.A. Smosna 159
NE8 Exploration for Shallow Compaction-Induced Previous HitGasNext Hit Accumulations, Fort Union Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming
D.W.Oldham 165
AAPG: Development Geology
DG1 Horizontal Drilling in Baldonnel Previous HitGasNext Hit Reservoirs; A Case History of the Jedney — North Bubbles Previous HitGasNext Hit Pools
R. Hill, P. Kubica, G. Tebbutt 173
DG2 Geostatistical Modeling and Reservoir Simulations of Reservoirs in the Greater Monument Butte Region, Uinta Basin, Utah
M.D. Deo, R.J. Pawar, J.E. Dyer 177
DG3 A Network-Accessible Reposity for Petroleum Reservoir Information
R. Ford, D. Thompson, J. Braun 183
AAPG: Environmental Geology / Hydrogeology
EG1 Age Relationships of Acid Drainage Water Quality at the New World Mining District, Park County, Montana
G. Furniss 191
EG2 Soil Remediation at Natural Previous HitGasTop Mercury Meter Stations in Montana and Northwestern Wyoming
G.J. LaRango 195
EG3 Groundwater Modeling in Support of Remediation of Chloroform Contaminated Groundwater at a Former Landfill
A.C. Stringer, K.B. Clark 201
EG4 In-Situ Wastewater Treatment and Groundwater Remediation at a Sugar Beet Processing Facility
J.L. Olson, P.R. Fuller-Pratt, R.A. Mielke 205
Key Words Index 210
Biographies 211
Advertisers Index 218

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