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Montana Geological Society



1997 Bighorn Basin Symposium Guidebook
July, 1997

Pages 13 - 17

On Behavior of the Late Jurassic Carnivores

M.T. Naus, Big Horn Basin Foundation
W.W. Stein, Wyoming Dinosaur Center


Excavation of a new dinosaur quarry on the Warm Springs Ranch, near the town of Thermopolis, Wyoming is currently producing material with many behavioral implications. Two hypotheses are proposed to explain the fossil bone assemblage as well as the sedimentary structures found within the quarry. The evidence presently suggests that we are uncovering either: 1) an ambush site, where a pack of large predators selectively attacked and killed a variety of dinosaurs over a season of hunting, or 2) a denning site showing selective retrieval and possibly parenting. Both hypotheses have their strengths and their weaknesses but each may unveil some interesting possible aspects of carnivore behavior.

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