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Montana Geological Society



1997 Bighorn Basin Symposium Guidebook
July, 1997

Pages 83 - 96

Chapter 9: Application of the IER Strategy for Natural Gas Exploration

Ronald C. Surdam, Institute for Energy Research University of Wyoming
Zun S. Jiao, Institute for Energy Research University of Wyoming


A new technology developed by the Institute for Energy Research (IER) concisely defines a seismic interval velocity inversion at the Badger Basin Field in one, two, and three dimensions. This velocity inversion is equated to a significant change in the fluid chemistry from dominantly water-saturated above the inversion to multiphase below (e.g., presence of a pervasive free gas phase), and from normal pressures above to anomalous pressures below. The technology also delineates the volume of "gas-saturated" rocks at Badger Basin very well. The best producing wells in the field are in reservoir sweet spots (e.g., fracture porosity/permeability) within the gas saturated volume. Lastly, the application of IER technology clearly demonstrates that the Badger Basin field is an anomalously pressured, gas-saturated compartment; hydrocarbon production occurs in those portions of the reservoir intervals where porosity and permeability have been enhanced, probably due to the presence of fractures associated with faulting.

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