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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists


The Mountain Geologist
Vol. 43 (2006), No. 2. (April), Pages 135-144

Geologic Study of Powder Wash Field, Moffat County, Colorado

Greg P. Anderson


Powder Wash Field was discovered in 1931 as the result of surface geologic mapping. The field has produced 276.8 BCFG and 8.3 million BO from Tertiary fluvial deposits. Most Wasatch production is developed on 40-acre spacing, and most of the Fort Union production is developed on 160-acre spacing. At least 30 productive intervals are completed in the Wasatch and Fort Union, with each interval exhibiting a high degree of lenticularity. Both formations contain productive fluvial channel deposits that act as separate stratigraphically trapped reservoirs draped over the Powder Wash Anticline. Analysis of the available data indicates significant reserves may remain in place in this stratigraphically compartmentalized reservoir.

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