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New Discoveries Point to a Bright Future: South Louisiana Onshore Petroleum Exploration Symposium, May 22, 2003
Pages 17-17

Low Resistivity Pay in the Main Pass Area [Abstract]

Michael D. DeBrock


Low resistivity / low contrast pay has been an important component in the hydrocarbon bearing Miocene section of the Main Pass area for the last 45 years. While the contribution of low contrast pay to the cumulative production of the area is relatively small, it does represent an increasingly important resource in maintaining the viability of a mature field such as Main Pass 41. These low resistivity zones are easily overlooked when interspersed with numerous conventional log response sands, and therefore remain excellent targets in the later years of a field's development. Multiple examples of low resistivity reservoirs demonstrate different stratigraphic settings in a shelf depositional system. The differing productivity of oil versus gas can alter the method used for a successful completion. In a large mature field, low resistivity pay reservoirs can often be tested relatively cheaply, which may lead to additional drilling opportunities.

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