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New Discoveries Point to a Bright Future: South Louisiana Onshore Petroleum Exploration Symposium, May 22, 2003
Pages 22-22

Patterson Field Re-development [Abstract]

R. Pete Dodge*


Sun Oil Company discovered Patterson Field with the drilling and completion of their Zenor #1 well in 1951. Drilling continued within the field through 1992 with wells targeting the prolific Miocene age Robulus "L" through Marginulina "A" sands. No wells were drilled in the field between 1993 through 1998, resulting in a decline in daily production down to 1.7 MMCFGPD and 22 BCPD. In 1997 CNG (now Dominion) entered into a joint exploration agreement with Pennzoil (now Devon) to acquire approximately 65 square miles of new 3-D seismic data over the field. GECO-Prakla completed the acquisition of the data in 1998.

The partnership drilled and completed their first well in 1999. To date we have drilled and completed 5 wells increasing the present daily production to over 20 MMCFGPD and 1,300 BCPD. The 3-D survey helped to define several buried down to the south growth faults located south of the younger Patterson fault. Upthrown closures at the Discorbis "B "and Marginulina "A" horizons were mapped which resulted in the drilling and completion of the Zenor A-15 (Discorbis "B"), Zenor A-16 (Marginulina "A") and Pugh #1 (Marginulina "A") wells. The Zenor A-17 well targeted deeper Planulina Sands upthrown to the Patterson fault. The Planulina Sands were wet. However, a shallower Operculinoides age sand was logged productive, reestablishing an interest in the further development of the field pay sands. The Zenor #1 was the most recent well drilled and completed. The Zenor #1 targeted both attic reserves in the Robulus L field pay sands and deeper potential reserves within the Discorbisorbis "B" and Marginulina "A" sands. The well was successful within the main field pay Robulus "L" sands, and discovered a new Robulus "L" oil sand, the "R3B", which is on production at 300 BOPD.

Additional drilling is scheduled to take place this summer. We look forward to continued success with the Patterson re-development program.

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Dominion Exploration and Production, New Orleans, LA, and Andy Bittson, Devon, Houston, TX

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