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New Discoveries Point to a Bright Future: South Louisiana Onshore Petroleum Exploration Symposium, May 22, 2003
Pages 27-27

Integrating Engineering and Operations for Success HT-HP Exploratory Drilling [Abstract]

Dr. John R. Smith1,*, Robert S. Cade2, Roger D. Gatte3


The Amoco Matagorda Island Block 636 #1 exploratory well was successfully drilled to 18,834 feet in 85 days. Both the depth and the drilling time were industry records for the 50 block area on trend with the well. The 357°F bottom hole temperature, required mud weights of up to 18.5 ppg, over 8,000 feet of overpressured section, over 2,000 feet of previously unexplored section, and the historical drilling problems in the area, combined to make this well a special challenge. The results achieved validate the strategy that was developed to integrate engineering and operations serve as an example of how to meet such challenges successfully.

This paper focuses on describing this strategy, how it was developed and applied, and the results achieved relative to previous industry performance in the area. The crucial components of the strategy: planning, innovation, and teamwork, are discussed in detail. Specific examples of techniques, technology, tools, and our tactics for applying them are provided. These ranged from rigorous application of important industry standard practices to pure experimentation, such as with previously untried bit designs, and included a comprehensive effort to achieve a positive synergy within both the drilling system we assembled and our organization for its operation.

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1 SPE, Louisiana State U.,

2 SPE, Consultant,

3 BP

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