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New Discoveries Point to a Bright Future: South Louisiana Onshore Petroleum Exploration Symposium, May 22, 2003
Pages 31-31

Augen Prospect, a Cristellaria I Stratigraphic Trap [Abstract]

Don Frye*, Gar Willis


Cabot Oil & Gas participated with Union Pacific Resources (now Anadarko Petroleum) in a 1998 3-D survey shot by Geco-Prakla (now WesternGeco) covering 260 square miles over the Continental Land and Fur acreage in Terrebonne Parish. To date this project has resulted in three productive prospects. Cabot and Union Pacific Resources participated in the deeper (18,000 feet) Etouffee prospect while Cabot, with Palace Exploration, pursued the shallower Cristellaria I prospects.

Although the Cristellaria I section had been heavily explored by others, including earlier 3-D surveys over Turtle Bayou, Kent Bayou and the Orange Grove area, we felt that good geologic work in conjunction with detailed geophysical interpretation based on new data could yield worthwhile results.

Our first efforts were to find structural or stratigraphic locales that could be prospective. A large channelized interval was deposited between the Turtle Bayou and Orange Grove fields during the Bourg, or second Hollywood depositional interval. The channel had been penetrated by several wells, including a Unocal well in Section 58 of T18S-R14E. That well logged over 200 feet of good quality wet sand.

Seismic modeling showed that amplitudes could be an indicator of hydrocarbons in the Cristellaria I section if the pay were sufficiently thick. The Augen Prospect was based on seismic amplitude increasing to the east of this Unocal well. This particular area occurs near the boundary of the Geco survey and one recorded three years earlier by SEI. The SEI survey covered the prospect, but does not show an amplitude anomaly.

It is estimated that the Augen Prospect will produce 30 to 40 BCF with 20 barrels of liquid per million cubic feet of gas.

Much of South Louisiana has been covered by 3-D surveys, but in the gaps and low fold areas of current surveys, there is potential for meaningful discoveries at reasonable depths, as demonstrated by the Augen Prospect.

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Cabot Corporation, Houston, TX

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