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New Orleans Geological Society


New Discoveries Point to a Bright Future: South Louisiana Onshore Petroleum Exploration Symposium, May 22, 2003
Pages 32-32

Expandable Casing: A Look Back at Actual Applications / Installations Selected Case Histories from 130 Installations [Abstract]

Mark Holland


Expandable casing is an enabling technology that is revolutionizing the design and construction of oil & gas wells. Solid Expandable Tubular (SETtm) solutions allows operators to reach reservoirs that have been economically inaccessible with conventional technology, extend casing shoes through trouble zones, and restore integrity to corroded or damaged casing strings in older well bores.

This novel approach to classic drilling and completion challenges is redefining the application of this enabling technology. The success of SET solutions is ultimately dependent on the results that they bring to oil & gas operations; namely producing more reserves at a lower cost. Slimwelltm applications, shoe extensions, casing repair and Monodiametertm well bores will be presented, as well as reliability statistics. Case histories, including return on operators' investments, will be discussed in detail.

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