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New Discoveries Point to a Bright Future: South Louisiana Onshore Petroleum Exploration Symposium, May 22, 2003
Pages 33-33

Petroleum Geology of Thibodaux Field [Abstract]

Mike Ledet


Thibodaux Field is located in south Louisiana, in Lafourche Parish (Township 15S - Range 16E). Cumulative production from the field is 240 MMCFG and 6 MMBO; monthly production peaked at an average of 1,516 MMCFG and 66 MBO in 1967.

Thibodaux Field is one of several downthrown structural closures occurring within the Lower-Middle Miocene in northern Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. The Thibodaux fault is a regional growth fault that strikes in an east-west orientation with displacements ranging from 160 to 1,400 feet. Commercial reservoirs in the Cibicides opima through Operculinoides section occur between 10,500 and 14,250 feet. The areal extent of the pay sands throughout the field area is generally continuous. A regional lowstand incised valley fill at the Cibicides opima lower sequence boundary complicates the upper Robulus L sequence. Below the Robulus L, structural closure accumulations in the Plater and Ridgefield sands account for the majority of the reserves produced from the field.

The Pan Am-Ridgefield #1, drilled in 1954 in Section 20, T15S-R16E, found the larger downthrown segment of the field below the Cibicides opima. This well was completed in the Operculinoides Ridgefield sand on the western flank of the structure. Initial Production was 80 BOPD, 8.2 MMCFG/D with a FTP of 4,000 PSI and a GOR of 6,530. During the next 4 years, Pan Am drilled seven more wells before making their highest structural penetration on the east-west striking anticline. By 1960, Humble had drilled two wells that completed the delineation of the field until a 3-D seismic survey was shot in 1999.

POGO, Dominion E&P, Anschutz Corporation and Pennington Oil shot a 62 square mile 3-D seismic survey in 1999. Forty-seven years after Pan Am discovered Thibodaux Field, the Kearns #1 penetrated the highest structural point in the field. It encountered the Ridgefield sand 207 feet higher than any previous well drilled in the field and had 12 other pay sands.

Exploration and development drilling activity continues in the Thibodaux Field area.

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