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New Discoveries Point to a Bright Future: South Louisiana Onshore Petroleum Exploration Symposium, May 22, 2003
Pages 39-39

Earlier and More Accurate Reservoir Assessment: Dynamic Reservoir Characterization Applied to a South Louisiana Prospect [Abstract]

Dr. Dale Wong*, Randy Weber


One of our industry's challenges is the accurate assessment of reserves and recovery once an exploration well hits pay. New technology and processes are now being used by independents in South Louisiana to gain a more accurate determination of original gas in place (OGIP), more predictive production forecasts, and better understanding of drive mechanisms, as well as reservoir shape and flow barriers. This early identification of key reservoir parameters gives the asset team the ability to make proactive and knowledgeable drilling, development, and production decisions.

Object Reservoir, Inc., was contracted by a large E&P company to conduct a Dynamic Reservoir CharacterizationTM (DRC) analysis on a South Louisiana discovery. Using the first six months of production and pressure data, as well as the Company's geologic interpretation, Object Reservoir: a) determined that the reservoir was much larger than previously calculated; b) ran the model through various scenarios and converged on a reservoir characterization supported by the production data, reservoir properties and subsurface interpretation; c) developed a drilling and production plan that will harvest the reservoir in half the time originally assumed with substantially increased recovery.

This presentation will describe our technology and process as well as describe the case study referred to above.

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Object Reservoir, Inc., Houston, TX

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