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Oklahoma City Geological Society


The Shale Shaker Digest VII, Volumes XXI-XXIII (1970-1973)
Pages 128-143

Depositional Environment of the Red Fork and Equivalent Sandstones East of the Nemaha Ridge Kansas and Oklahoma

Adonnis S. Hudson


The Lower Pennsylvanian Red Fork and Burbank Sands of Oklahoma, and the "Bartlesville" Sand in the "shoestring sand pools" of southeastern Kansas are primarily a continuous fluvial deposit.

In Kansas, the sand was deposited in a "valley flat" environment, controlled by northeast-southwest surface structure features on the Mississippian surface.

Faulting associated with the Nemaha ridge in south-central kansas deflected the fluvial channels to the south. A distributary or delta environment on the Cherokee Sea shoreline developed in Osage and Pawnee Counties, Oklahoma.

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