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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Oklahoma City Geological Society


The Shale Shaker
Vol. 63 (2012), No. 2. (September/October), Pages 100-123

Origin and Significance of Conglomerates in the Southwest Corner of the Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma

Justin Newman


Many previous studies of the Atoka Formation and Krebs Group have assumed the same provenance of deposits in the southwestern corner of the Arkoma Basin near the Ouachita Mountains as the rest of the Arkoma Basin. This has implications for both the assumed character of these sediments and the timing of uplift of the Ouachita Mountains. Petrographic analyses of samples of chert-bearing Atoka Formation and Krebs Group conglomerates from the southwestern part of the Arkoma Basin were compared to published petrographic work on chert formations in the surrounding Ouachita and Arbuckle Mountains. Chert found in the study area is similar in composition to the Arkansas Novaculite and can be shown to originate from that formation. This implies that the western part of the Ouachita Mountains was lifted above sea level beginning in late Atokan time instead of middle Desmoinesian. Based on outcrops within the study area, the depositional setting of this part of the basin may be similar to that of the Atoka conglomerates of the Hardeman Basin and the Granite Wash of the Anadarko Basin.

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