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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Oklahoma City Geological Society


The Shale Shaker
Vol. 68 (2017), No. 3. (May/June), Pages 112-138

Sequence-Stratigraphic Framework of the Woodford Shale on the Southern Cherokee Platform of Central Oklahoma

Brenton Joseph McCullough


The Woodford Shale on the southern Cherokee Platform of central Oklahoma was deposited within two separate thickness trends (Trend 1 and Trend 2) that correspond to erosional features on the underlying Hunton Group. The thickness trends were investigated through core analysis and correlation of regional electrofacies. The high-resolution regional stratigraphy reveals that Trend 2 was preferentially filled during transgression and prior to Trend 1, which suggests that Trend 1 and Trend 2 differ with respect to the deposition and preservation of separate Woodford strata. Distributions of each RGRP were interpreted in the context of sequence stratigraphy, and the majority displayed a progressive transgression from the south-southeast to the north-northwest across the study area. Additionally, an overlying highstand interval appears to have been derived from the east-northeast and prograded to the west-southwest. The resulting regional sequence-stratigraphic framework can be used to identify key surfaces within the study area Woodford Shale, such as the basal sequence boundary and regional maximum-flooding surface. The surfaces identified can be used to develop local sequence-stratigraphic frameworks that agree with regional stratigraphic interpretations.

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