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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Oklahoma City Geological Society


The Shale Shaker
Vol. 71 (2020), No. 4. (July/August), Pages 146-161

STACK 2020: Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma

William Bill Eucker, III, Andrew M. Ashby


The unconventional Mississippian STACK Previous HitplayNext Hit targets an interval that has a long history in what is known as the Sooner Trend. The recent resurrection of this Previous HitplayNext Hit, utilizing new horizontal technology, of this tight rock interval, was an active and viable resource Previous HitplayTop before recent market events stalled development.

Applied science and recent exploration has aided the expansion of the STACK trend further northwest along the volatile oil fairway of the northern flank of the Anadarko Basin. Old techniques coupled with advanced science has demonstrated both in-situ and migrated (dual-sourced) components to the pervasive hydrocarbon content found in the mid-Mississippian Meramec and Osage formations.

The targeted Mississippian-aged Meramec and Osage formations thicken appreciably from east to west. Matrix porosities and permeabilities are low, and are enhanced by natural fracturing. Despite the low porosity and changing lithologies, hydrocarbon saturations are quite high. With overall thicknesses from +/- 550’ to over 1200’, the Original Oil in Place is notable in this embrittled rock.

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