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Symposium of Papers Presented at the Fortieth Annual Convention, Bakersfield, California, 1965
Pages 68-76

Strati-Structural Traps in the Stevens Sands

R. E. Sanem, R. R. Stoddard


Extensive exploration and development drilling of the Upper Miocene Stevens sands, for more than a quarter of a century, have led to the classification of this area on the Bakersfield arch as one of mature exploration. Yet recent drilling based on detailed structural-stratigraphic studies has led to new accumulations at English Colony, Northwest Strand, Canal and Ten Sections.

In these studies, emphasis was placed on the diligent use of conventional geologic exploratory methods such as the detailed study of older fields, isochore and isolith mapping, stratigraphic sections, and detailed seismic mapping. In addition, specific geologic techniques have proved useful in particular areas. These techniques and their application to these recent discoveries on the arch are discussed

A project of the type reviewed here is especially suited to a mature area of exploration where extensive subsurface control, production data and adequate seismic coverage are present.

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