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Tomorrow's Oil from Today's Provinces: Selected Papers Presented at the 51st Annual Meeting, AAPG Pacific Section, in San Francisco, 1976
Pages 52-58

A Satellite-Look at the Regional Geology of Northern California

Ernest I. Rich


Linear features observed on Landsat imagery of northern California (some of which have been verified as geologically controlled) can be grouped into several linear systems which, given certain assumptions concerning them, appear to form a chronologic sequence of development. The oldest systems were detected in the western slope of the Sierra Nevada and the Klamath Mountains and may be related to pre-Mesozoic convergent plate boundaries. The youngest linear system may be related to the Neogene northward migration of a triple junction formed by the Pacific, North American and Farallon plates. The temporally intermediate systems of linear features are possibly associated with Mesozoic and Paleogene deformation.

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