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Tomorrow's Oil from Today's Provinces: Selected Papers Presented at the 51st Annual Meeting, AAPG Pacific Section, in San Francisco, 1976
Pages 76-88

Upper Cretaceous Lithofacies Model, Sacramento Valley, California

K. F. Drummond, E. W. Christensen, K. D. Berry


The Upper Cretaceous Starkey sandstones, Delta shale, and Winters sandstones of the southern Sacramento Valley can be described by a time-transgressive lithofacies model consisting of an eastern shelf sand sequence, a silt and shale foreslope, and a western basinal sand sequence.

Petrographic, paleontologic, and modern seismic evidence show the paleobathymetry, the depositional history and the time-transgressive nature of the lithofacies model.

Regional stratigraphic cross sections restored on the top of the Starkey Formation show the depositional geometry of these distinct lithofacies and indicate the regressive nature of the Upper Cretaceous following a broad transgression in the upper part of the F Zone (late Campanian) of Goudkoff (1945).

Recent gas discoveries in primary stratigraphic traps of the Winters basinal sandstones underscore the value of studying the detailed depositional history of basinal sandstones.

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