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Structure, Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Occurrences of the San Joaquin Basin, California, 1990
Pages 247-252

Petrographic Aspects of Diagenesis and Porosity Development, Jacalitos and Coalinga Oil Fields, California

Robert A. Horton, Joseph A. Dunwoody, Robert J. Menzie


Fluvial and shallow marine sediments have undergone significant and varied diagensis during shallow burial in the Coalinga and Jacalitos oil fields. Calcite and dolomite cements are present in some sands. Calcite cementation generally occurred early and influenced subsequent diagenesis, including dolomitization and replacement of framework grains by carbonates. Where calcite cementation did not occur, volcanics and feldspars were extensively altered to clays and compaction destroyed most primary porosity. Dissolution of grains and cements then created secondary porosity into which oil migrated and accumulated.

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