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Geology of the Midway-Sunset Oil Field and Adjacent Temblor Range, San Joaquin Basin, California, 2001
Pages 213-224
Pliocene and Pleistocene Units

Tulare Formation

Michael J. Campbell


The Tulare Formation at Midway-Sunset field is a complex oil reservoir with a production history as old as the field itself. Pliocene and Pleistocene in age, The Tulare consists of conglomerates, sands, and shales deposited in arid alluvial fan to lacustrine paleoenvironments. The Tulare is divided into upper, middle and lower members based on log character. To date, the lower member has provided the bulk of production from the Tulare. Productive units tend to be of high quality yet discontinuous. Oils from the Tulare are heavy with wide ranges of gravity and viscosity. Cyclic steam injection is the most common EOR application, however, flood-type applications still hold some-future potential.

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