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Contributions to the Geology of the Northern Channel Islands, So.California, 1998
Pages 133-160

Foraminifera of the Eocene Canada Formation, Santa Cruz Island, Southern California

James L. Molesworth, Jon R. Sloan


A micropaleontological study was conducted on the Canada Formation located on Santa Cruz Island in the Santa Barbara Channel in southern California. Foraminifera from 11 microfossil samples were picked, mounted, identified, and photographed. Depth of deposition of the samples was interpreted and combined with a reinterpretation of depth of deposition from previous foraminiferal studies from the Canada Formation.

Eight shallowing events occurred during the deposition of the Canada Formation. Depth of deposition ranged from 50 m to 2,000 m or more beginning in early Eocene and ending in early medial Eocene.

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