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Geology and Tectonics of the San Fernando Valley and East Ventura Basin, 2001
Pages 63-70

Tectonostratigraphy of the Santa Monica Mountains, Southern California

Raymond V. Ingersoll


Southern California has experienced the following stages of development, which are recorded in corresponding tectonostratigraphic sequences in and around the Santa Monica Mountains: Late Jurassic remnant-ocean basin (Santa Monica Formation); Cretaceous continental-margin dissected arc (quartz dio-rite of Hollywood Hills); Cretaceous-Eocene forearc basin (Tuna Canyon/Chatsworth-Santa Susana formations); Oligocene-Early Miocene forearc basin and triple-junction transition (Sespe-Vaqueros formations); 18-12 Ma Transrotational basin (Topanga Formation); 12-6 Ma Transtensional basin (Modelo Formation); and 6-0 Ma Transpressional basin (Fernando Formation). Each of these tectonostratigraphic sequences represents a contrasting tectonic regime within southern California. Accurate palinspastic reconstruction of southern California must involve sequential unravelling of events from youngest to oldest; the SMM are both geographically and conceptually central to this effort.

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