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Panhandle (Texas) Geological Society


The Panhandle Geonews, June, 1956
Vol. 3 (1956), No. 3. (June), Pages 36-36


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Pennsylvanian rocks underlie parts of at least 36 states, but are known only from the subsurface in Mississippi, Louisiana and North Dakota. They vary in thickness to maximum of at least 20,000 feet in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Utah. Isopach maps of the system will be associated with maps showing the areal geology of the floor on which the oldest Pennsylvanian strata rest, and the age of the initial Pennsylvanian strata in the several parts of the country. Classification of Pennsylvanian strata has been a source of controversy because, while very heterogeneous in composition and displaying striking local unconformitites, there is little faunal, floral or tectonic evidence for widespread breaks in the sedimentary record. Fusulinids and plant spores and leaves have been most relied on for interbasin correlation. In various regions conglomerates, sandstones, shales, limestones, coals, red beds and evaporites are all important components of the column. Maps indicate lithofacies for various regions and parts of the column and areas of special prominence for each of the lithologies. Some form of cyclic sedimentation is to be found in most parts of the country, and seems to be independent of local tectonics of environments.

The lithologic analysis of Pennsylvanian data has been aided by the use of I. B. M. cards. Interpretation of environments and directions of sedimentation are aided by thin section study of limestones and sandstones and by statistical analysis of local cross-bedding readings. Attempts to show environmental variation for instants of time within limited basins are shown.

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