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Exaggeration of Medium

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ABSTRACT: Focused Seismic Processing Via Pre-Stack Migration … the Key to Structural Imaging of the Triassic Play in the Slyne-Erris Basin, Offshore Ireland; #90061 (2006)

Mervyn Campbell, Steve Smith, and Dermot Corcoran

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...ABSTRACT: Focused Seismic Processing Via Pre-Stack Migration … the Key to Structural Imaging of the Triassic Play in the Slyne-Erris Basin, Offshore...


Diagenetic and Seismic Concerns Associated with Interpretation of Deeply Buried Mobile Shales

R. J. Day-Stirrat, A. McDonnell, L. J. Wood

AAPG Special Volumes

..., 2002, Resolving fault shadow problems in Irian Jaya (Indonesia) using prestack depth migration: The Leading Edge, p. 911912.Goulty, N. R., 1998...


ABSTRACT: 2-D Basin Modeling of Three Regional Seismic Profiles from Browse Basin, Northwest Australia; #90061 (2006)

Richard G. Woodfine, Alan Roberts, Nick Kusznir, Steve Matthews, Andrei Belopolsky, and Cheree Stover

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...ABSTRACT: 2-D Basin Modeling of Three Regional Seismic Profiles from Browse Basin, Northwest Australia; #90061 (2006) Richard G. Woodfine, Alan...


Three-Dimensional Seismic-Reflection Techniques

Hermann Buchholtz

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... shows a zero offset section along line X-X' with a set of interfering diffractions that cannot be eliminated by 2-D migration (Figure 2B). Only...


Abstract: New Insights into a Potential Major Petroleum Province off Banks Island, Canadian Arctic Passive Margin, from BeaufortSPAN’ 2-D Seismic Data; #90171 (2013)

Naresh Kumar, James Helwig, and Menno G. Dinkelman

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... designed to image down to the base of the crust with a 9-km long cable, 18-second recording, and final depth processing (Prestack Depth Migration...


A Comparative Study of 3-D Noise Attenuation Techniques

Daniel Wheaton, Yendri, Kusnarya

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Attenuation of linear noise using f-k filtering was applied to the ONWJ Survey as the initial poststack processing step. For a 2-D by 2-D f-k technique...


Extending the Southwest Limits of Jonah Field: Using High-quality, 3-D Seismic Data to Improve the Structural Definition

S. G. Siguaw, D. C. Friend

AAPG Special Volumes

... Processing used a conventional processing flow (including 3-D DMO [dip moveout] and poststack time migration) to produce the final 3-D volume. GeoQuest's...


4-D Seismic: A Powerful New Technology for Monitoring Steam Movements in Duri Field-Central Sumatra

S. D. Jenkins, M. F. Bee, J. H. Lyle, E. Murhantoro

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... at the same depth. A test, consisting of acquiring identical 2-D surveys at different times, was conducted to answer questions about the repeatability...


Three-Dimensional Visualization of Salt Walls and Associated Fault Systems

Giovanni Guglielmo, Jr., Martin P. A. Jackson, and Bruno C. Vendeville

AAPG Bulletin

... been interpreted partly using concepts based on analysis of two-dimensional (2-D) sections through physical and numerical models. Three-dimensional...


ABSTRACT: Three-Dimensional Prestack Inversion, Lobo Trend, South Texas; #90007 (2002)

Anno, Phil, Mark Wuenscher, Robert Corbin, John Hooper, Frank Chlumsky

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.... Previous Lobo exploration tools consisted of open-hole logs and dipmeter data combined with 2-D seismic data. These techniques were useful...


Seismic facies and reservoir characteristics of a deep-marine channel belt in the Molasse foreland basin, Puchkirchen Formation, Austria

Menno J. De Ruig, Stephen M. Hubbard

AAPG Bulletin

.... A regional 3-D seismic data set, covering nearly 2000 km2 (772 mi2), has recently become available because of new acquisition and poststack merging...


Abstract: Multi-trace Acoustic-impedance Inversion with Transform-domain Sparsity Promotion; #90174 (2014)

Sanyi Yuan, Shangxu Wang, Ning Tu, and Xiang Li

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...) domain. Thus, multi-trace impedance updates within 2-D section or 3-D subvolume can be obtained. An example is used to test our method. Introduction...


Cave Gulch field, Natrona County, Wyoming: Large gas discovery in the Rocky Mountain foreland, Wind River basin (E & P Notes)

Scott L. Montgomery, Fred Barrett, Kim Vickery, Steve Natali, Roy Roux, Peter Dea

AAPG Bulletin

... 3-D data set, adjusted depth migration, and integrated geologic data from all relevant wells led to greatly improved resolution of local structure...


Abstract: Subsalt Interpretation and Visualization Techniques: Alaminos Canyon, Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico

Frank R. Love

GCAGS Transactions

... rendering to produce geologically consistent surfaces. Better definition of top and base salt is key to producing quality depth migration, which...


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