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Processing and Interpretation of 2-D Seismic Data from the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

David J. Taylor

Wyoming Geological Association

...Processing and Interpretation of 2-D Seismic Data from the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming David J. Taylor 1998 179 196 Mitchum, R.M., Jr., Vail, P.R....


Reservoir Characterization and Modeling: A Look Back to See the Way Forward

Xinghe Yu, Y. Zee Ma, David Psaila, Paul La Pointe, Ernest Gomez, Shengli Li

AAPG Special Volumes

... data; (2) 2-D, 3-D, and 4-D (i.e., time-lapse) data; and (3) possibility of depth-domain data, which can be more easily integrated with logging...


Shallow High-Resolution Seismic Reflection to Delineate Upper 400 m around a Collapse Feature in Central Kansas

Richard D. Miller, Ana Villella, Jianghai Xia

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... potential of 2-D common depth point (CDP) stacks from the French Sink provide a unique opportunity to examine conjugate sets of normal and reverse faults...


Past, present, and future of basin and petroleum system modeling

Friedemann Baur, Allegra Hosford Scheirer, and Kenneth E. Peters

AAPG Bulletin

... of PetroMod, both with full two-dimensional (2-D) pressure/temperature and Darcy flow migration model capabilities. Integrated Exploration Systems...


3-D Seismic Acquisition, Processing and Display

Bruce S. Hart

Special Publications of SEPM

... Interpretation Pre-Migration Fresnel Zone = 2 4 F = 689 (2260') V4 K _y I I o_ I I Post-Migration Fresnel Zone 2-D Migration === V = 24 .4 4 4F - (80'y...


The effects of salt evolution, structural development, and fault propagation on Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic oil migration: A two-dimensional fluid-flow study along a megaregional profile in the northern Gulf of Mexico Basin

S. Cheree Stover, Shemin Ge, Paul Weimer, Barry C. McBride

AAPG Bulletin

... history, and fault development induce on temporal oil migration patterns. Results from the sequential 2-D fluid-flow models across the northern Gulf...


Two-Dimensional Equation-of-State Modeling of Adsorption of Coalbed Methane Gases

Khaled A. M. Gasem, Zhejun Pan, Sayeed Mohammad, Robert L. Robinson Jr.

AAPG Special Volumes

... processes. Although numerous frameworks are available for describing the adsorption phenomenon, two-dimensional (2-D) equations of state (EOS) offer...


Chapter 16: A 3-D Case History in the Horseshoe Atoll Area of Scurry County, Texas

Stephen C. Jumper and Howel W. Pardue

AAPG Special Volumes

... 2-D seismic data. Through the example shown here, it becomes apparent that pinnacle reef objectives can be located with much-improved confidence using...


Chapter 10-part 3: 3-D Depth Image Interpretation

William L. Abriel, Joseph P. Stefani, Robert D. Shank, David C. Bartel

AAPG Special Volumes

... is honored in a specialized migration algorithm to account for the bending of the energy down to reflection wavelength scales. In this sense, depth...


Abstract: Application of a Tomographic Velocity Model to the Prestack Depth Migration of a Buried Valley; #90172 (2014)

Oluwafemi Ogunsuyi, Douglas R. Schmitt

Search and

...Abstract: Application of a Tomographic Velocity Model to the Prestack Depth Migration of a Buried Valley; #90172 (2014) Oluwafemi Ogunsuyi, Douglas R...


Geometry and kinematics of Neogene allochthonous salt systems in the Mississippi Canyon, Atwater Valley, western Lloyd Ridge, and western DeSoto Canyon protraction areas, northern deep-water Gulf of Mexico

Renaud Bouroullec, and Paul Weimer

AAPG Bulletin

... and 1987 and were processed by poststack time migration, which makes imaging the base of Neogene salt and the subsalt section difficult. Three...


A Report on the Renaissance of Gravity in the Deep Water Gulf of Mexico: A Practical View of Integration Methods

Brian S. Anderson, Mark E. Weber, John E. Bain

Houston Geological Society

... an improved starting point velocity model for depth migration. This iterative process and feedback loop continues throughout the seismic migration...


Architectural analysis of subsurface meander-belt sandstones: A case study of a densely drilled oil field, Zhanhua sag, east of Bohai Bay Basin

Zhifeng Sun, Chengyan Lin, Xianguo Zhang, Dongxing Du, Yong Yang, and Jia Guo

AAPG Bulletin

... processed by using conventional poststack time migration. The 3-D survey has a bin size of 25 × 25 m (82 × 82 ft) and a sampling interval of 1 ms...


AAPG/Datapages Discovery Series No. 7: Multidimensional Basin Modeling - Abstracts

AAPG Special Volumes

... evolution of the basin in order to construct 2-D fluid-flow/maturation cross sections and areal 2-D migration maps.The early syn-rift, Kongdian...


Tectonic Control on Hydrocarbon Accumulation in the Intracontinental Albertine Graben of the East African Rift System

Dozith Abeinomugisha, Robert Kasande

AAPG Special Volumes

..., Uganda, March 3, 2005, 10 p.Tugume, F., and A. Nyblade, 2009, The depth distribution of seismicity at the northern Rwenzori Mountains: Implication...


Chapter 3: Integrated Geophysical Investigations of the Pre-Andean Basins in Peru and Bolivia—A Search for Depocenters Concealed beneath a Foreland Basin

Matthew George Stewart, Stanislaw Mazur, Adriana Mantilla-Pimiento, Antonio Jose Olaiz, Wilber Hermoza

AAPG Special Volumes

...™ (Geosoft Inc.). The aim of the 2-D modeling was to test and refine the structural interpretation and to investigate the depth to base Cretaceous and top...


Fault Shadow Issues and Resolution in Model and Real Data

Andrew J. Davidoff, Ika Ratna Novianti

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... were applied to these synthetic traces, i.e., post-stack time migration (Post-STM), pre-stack time migration (Pre-STM), and pre-stack depth migration...


Tectono-sedimentary evolution and petroleum systems of the Mundaú subbasin: A new deep-water exploration frontier in equatorial Brazil

Narelle Maia de Almeida, Tiago M. Alves, Francisco Nepomuceno Filho, George Satander Sá Freire, Ana Clara Braga de Souza, Márcio Nunes Normando, Karen M. Leopoldino Oliveira, and Thiago Henrique da Silva Barbosa

AAPG Bulletin

..., and characterizes the petroleum systems in this new exploration frontier. For such purposes, poststack seismic reflection, borehole, and geochemical data...


An Overview of Ray Trace Modeling with an Example from the Wichita Mountain Front in Southern Oklahoma

Jan Dodson, Roger A. Young, Kevin Smart

Oklahoma City Geological Society

.... MIGRATION ANALYSIS Although the velocity-depth model (Figure 7) is geologically simplified, the resulting synthetic trace data set is so complex...


Understanding the Deformation of the Naga Thrust Triangle Zone, NE India, Using Structural Modeling of 2D Seismic Data; #50822 (2013)

B. Michael, C. M. Burberry, P. Jaiswal, S. Rath, S. N. Singh, and G. Barali

Search and

... and prestack depth migration provide a two-step process to describe large wavelength and small wavelength features in the same image. This provides a detailed...


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