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A New Crustal Model of the Gulf of Mexico … From Seismic and Potential Fields Data; #30658 (2020)

J. Bain, J. Kegel, Cian O’Reilly

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...). This interpretation was extended to the USA seismic data. Gigante multibeam bathymetric data was used to determine the 3-D Bouguer / terrain correction...


Abstracts: AVO Analysis of 3-D/3-C Datasets from Weyburn CO2 Storage and Monitoring Project; #90173 (2015)

Le Gao and Igor Morozov

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... in southeast Saskatchewan has been undergoing CO2 injection since October 2000. In order to monitor the injection, CO2 storage, and oil recovery, 3-D...


Subsalt Imaging Below the Mahogany Salt Sill

Davis W. Ratcliff and David J. Weber

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... migration, wide-line profiling, 3-D time imaging, 3-D poststack depth migration, and target-oriented 3-D prestack depth migration. The Mahogany salt...


CO2 Sequestration Potential in the Rose Run Formation at the Mountaineer Power Plant, New Haven, West Virginia

Diana H. Bacon, Mark D. White, Neeraj Gupta, Joel R. Sminchak, Mark E. Kelley

AAPG Special Volumes

..., such as vertical and horizontal wells, full-scale and small-scale injection, injection pressure variations, and two- or three-dimensional (2-D or 3-D...


Green Canyon 474 #1

John O'Brien

Houston Geological Society

... anomalies correlate with three nonproductive sands with 5-20% residual hydrocarbon saturation, estimated from electric logs. These are interlayered...


ABSTRACT: Assessment and Sensitivity Considerations of a Potential Storage Site for Carbon Dioxide: A Queensland Case Study; #90061 (2006)

Jacques Sayers, Cameron Marsh, Adam Scott, Yildiray Cinar, John Bradshaw, Allison Hennig, Stuart Barclay, and Ric Daniel

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... of the Wunger Ridge using a simplified regional 3-D model, and is based on estimating injection rates of 1.2 million tonnes CO2/year for 25 years...


Fault Tectonics of the NE Black Sea Shelf and Its Relevance to Hydrocarbon Potential; #30155 (2011)

V.I. Starostenko, B.L. Krupskyi, I.K. Pashkevich, O.M. Rusakov, I.B. Makarenko, R.I. Kutas, V.V Gladun, O.V. Legostaeva, T.V. Lebed, P.Ya. Maksymchuk

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... for 3-D bodies of complex configuration with anisotropic magnetic susceptibility: Izvestiya Russian Academy of Sciences Physics of the Solid Earth, v...


Detailed internal architecture of a fluvial channel sandstone determined from outcrop, cores, and 3-D ground-penetrating radar: Example from the middle Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone, east-central Utah

Rucsandra M. Corbeanu, Kristian Soegaard, Robert B. Szerbiak, John B. Thurmond, George A. McMechan, Deming Wang, Steven Snelgrove, Craig B. Forster, Ari Menitove

AAPG Bulletin

... consist of detailed sedimentologic, stratigraphic, and petrophysical data and 3-D GPR data. A leveling survey provided accurate topographic corrections...


Understanding Heterogeneous Carbonate Gas Reservoirs from Horizontal and Vertical Wells, Cambrian Longwangmiao Formation, Central Sichuan Basin, China

Bing Xie, Da-Li Wang

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., or timeliness of any information herein. All information is the responsibility of, and, is subject to corrections by the author(s). Any person...


Stratigraphic Analysis of Seismic Data from the Garden Banks Block 235 Area, Offshore Gulf of Mexico

Edwin I. Linares, Abu K. M. Sarwar

GCAGS Transactions

..., but no discovery was made during previous exploration efforts. Our analysis indicated a new prospect in Block 235. A 3-D seismic data volume was studied...


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