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Abstract: Challenges in Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring … A Geo-modelling Perspective; #90211 (2015)

Philippe Doyen

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... of petrophysical properties from seismic data. Whether direct or cascaded inversion for rock properties is performed, rock physics is playing an increasingly...


Abstract: 3-D Prestack Waveform Inversion - A Real Data Example; #90255 (2017)

Josiane Pafeng Tchuindjang, Subhashis Mallick, Hema Sharma

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...Abstract: 3-D Prestack Waveform Inversion - A Real Data Example; #90255 (2017) Josiane Pafeng Tchuindjang, Subhashis Mallick, Hema Sharma AAPG...


Abstracts: What do Engineers Need from Geophysicists in Shale Resource Plays?; #90173 (2015)

Eric von Lunen

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..., petrophysical data, microseismic emissions and 3-D seismic imaging and inversion concepts allows for a more robust effective and efficient exploitation...


Chapter 10: Impact of 3-D Seismic Data on Development Drilling, Ghinah and Umm Jurf Fields, Central Saudi Arabia

S. C. Simms

AAPG Special Volumes

... reservoir. The success rate for wells with high flow rates (>2000 BOPD) has increased from 43% to over 90% since 3-D seismic data have been used...


Identification of Potential Lacustrine Stratigraphic Intervals in the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, Using Multi-Attribute 3-D Seismic Displays and a Supervised Neural Network

Emilio J. Torres, Roger M. Slatt, Kurt J. Marfurt, Lennon E. Infante, Luis A. Castillo

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... a supervised neural network workflow was applied to incorporate the post-stack 3D seismic data in combination of the calculated Acoustic Impedance (Zp) from...


Abstract: 3-D Visualization and Validation of Structures in Complex Compressional Terranes

Peter Bentham and Sandro Serra

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... the evaluation process. The marriage of 2-D seismic data, balanced 2-D structural interpretations, surface outcrop and well-data is best done interactively...


Abstract: 3-D Characterization and Volcanic Eruption Phases of Volcanic Rocks in Southern Songliao Basin; #90310 (2017)

Fulin Meng, Wanzhong Shi, Litao Xu, Chuang Wu

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... of volcanic bodies, description of volcanic reservoirs heterogeneity, and prediction of its eruption phases are challenges of the present time. 3D seismic data...


Chapter Nine: Inversion and Interpretation of Impedance Data

Rebecca B. Latimer

AAPG Special Volumes

... from the simultaneous inversion of P-wave offset seismic data: 70th Annual. International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, v. 19, p. 200–201. Savic, M...


Chapter 14 (Case Histories of Three-Dimensional Seismic Surveys)—Case History 4: 3-D Seismic Interpretation of an Upper Permian Gas Field in Northwest Germany

H. E. C. Swanenberg, F. X. Fuehrer

AAPG Special Volumes

... regular 2-D, the superiority of 3-D data significantly enhanced structural control. Some information on the reservoir was also obtained from reflection...


Depositional systems and sequence architecture of the Oligocene Dongying Formation, Liaozhong depression, Bohai Bay Basin, northeast China

Wei Dong, Changsong Lin, Kenneth A. Eriksson, Xinhuai Zhou, Jingyan Liu, Yubo Teng

AAPG Bulletin

... indicate depositional hiatuses, were recognized based on 2-D and 3-D seismic data. These interpretations provide an understanding of the structural style...


A Technology to Extract Lithology, Porosity and Hydrocarbon Content from Conventional Seismic Data

Roger A. Young

GCAGS Transactions

... given the frequency content of the seismic. The right hand side of the example shows the results from the inversion of the actual seismic data...


Delineation of Anomalously Pressured Gas Accumulations in the Riverton Dome Area, Wind River Basin, Wyoming

Ronald C. Surdam, Zun Sheng Jiao, Nicholas G. K. Boyd III

Wyoming Geological Association

... at the Institute for Energy Research, University of Wyoming, was applied to the Riverton Dome 3-D seismic area. Application of the technology resulted...


Abstract: 3-D Seismic Benefits from Exploration through Development: An Exxon Perspective (Keynote Address 5)

M. G. Johnson

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...Abstract: 3-D Seismic Benefits from Exploration through Development: An Exxon Perspective (Keynote Address 5) M. G. Johnson SYMPOSIUM ON TECTONIC...


ABSTRACT: 3D Seismic Imaging of Carbonate Reservoirs and Structures; #90007 (2002)

J. L. Masaferro, R. Bourne, J. C. Jauffred

Search and

... be analysed and interpreted more objectively by the interpreter. We have applied various 3-D image-processing techniques to produce filtered seismic...


Using Freehand Three-dimensional Drawings to Clarify and Verify Subsurface Structural Interpretations

Donald S. Stone

AAPG Special Volumes

... of an animation of the 3-D seismic data volume from the Red Wing Creek impact structure oil field produced in Landmark's computer software (Figure 9B...


Cretaceous to Holocene structural and stratigraphic development in south Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, inferred from well and three-dimensional seismic data

Mara Vernica Castillo, Paul Mann

AAPG Bulletin

... of faults extracted from the 3-D seismic data from the south lake area for rocks of this age.Sierra de Perij UpliftThe structural style related to the uplift...


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