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The Industrial Use of Geothermal Energy in New Zealand

Stephen R. Drew

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... the environmental impact of the existing single-flash recovery system. Projects implemented include pipeline transmission trials, performance testing...


Geologic Features of Opening of a Stratum Represented by a Fractured Carbonate Stratum and Well Completion

T. D. Latko, G. A. Matayev, L. B. Izmaylov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

.... In this connection a loss of mud and strong gas manifestations were observed in many wells. The Tertiary sediments are represented largely by a thick unit...


Carbon Black Manufacturing

Suroso W. S., D. Djoearsa, M. S. M. Situmorang

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the blacker it is. The masstone of carbon blacks, commonly referred to as blackness or color, is a function of the visible light absorption...


Effect of Combustion Temperature and Time, and of the Oxidation Agent Used in Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Analyses of Sediments and Dissolved Organic Material

Ronald J. Gibbs

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... sediments and sedimentary rocks by loss on ignition: comparison with other methods: Jour. Sed. Petrology, v. 44, p. 242-248. DRAKE, D. E., 1974, Distribution...


Mapping natural oil seeps in the Middle Magdalena Basin (Colombia) using WorldView-3 satellite data

Saeid Asadzadeh, Ivan Rodrigo Plata Arango, and Carlos Roberto de Souza Filho

AAPG Bulletin

... reserves (Link, 1952; Berge, 2013). Nowadays, however, they accompany petroleum accumulations in less than 20% of the cases (Macgregor, 1993). This loss...


Visible Spectroscopy--A Rapid Method for Determining Hematite and Goethite Concentration in Geological Materials: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Bobby C. Deaton, William L. Balsam

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... minerals may appear perplexing. Iron oxides exhibit major absorption bands in the near infrared (NIR), especially at about 860 FIG. 1. Spectral...


Coalbed Methane Characteristics of Gates Formation Coals, Northeastern British Columbia: Effect of Maceral Composition

Michelle N. Lamberson, R. March Bustin

AAPG Bulletin

.... 272-277. Harris, L. A., and C. S. Yust, 1976, Transmission electron microscope observations of porosity in coal: Fuel, v. 55, p. 233-236. Harris...


The development of seismic reflection sandbox modeling

Donald H. Sherlock, Brian J. Evans

AAPG Bulletin

... transmission properties. The deformation process obeys the Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion for faulting, in accordance with deformation mechanisms...


Gas Field Technology - Workshop Summary

Rock Zierman, James Lea, John Crews, Saibal Mitra, Mike Gleason, Mike Purcell, Rob Habel, Rock Zierman


... the liquids up and out of the wellbore). The problems this causes is loss of production, possible formation damage, more corrosion and the expense...


The Importance of Sampling and Analysis of Natural Gas for the Design of Production and Downstream Facilities

L. A. Dixon

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... for these analyses need to be taken again in acid-treated glass containers to avoid component loss by absorption. Mercury can be determined on-site, though is better...


Abstract: Anisotropic Moment Tensor Inversion and Visualization Applied to a Dual Well Monitoring Survey; #90224 (2015)

Scott Leaney, Xin Yu, Chris Chapman, Les Bennett, Shawn Maxwell, Jim Rutledge, and John Duhault

Search and

...e – time, spreading and transmission loss, and source and receiver impedance coupling terms. In (1) the sum over rays may include reflections, mode con...


Direction of Exploration Operations in the Dagestan Plain

F. G. Sharafutdinov, D. A. Mirzoyev, L. S. Bagov, Ye. M. Landa

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... horizon T of the Triassic; b-structure contours on basement according to refraction data; c-local gravity anomalies; d-zones of loss of correlation...


Prediction of Oil Productivity of Deeply Subsided Jurassic Sediments in the North of West Siberia

V. P. Strognaov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... then subsides to deep zones, the absorption of methane of high-temperature genesis is minimum; free gas forms and collects in pools. This is what happened...


Association of Kaolinite with Pyritic Framboids: DISCUSSION

Edward B. Nuhfer, Arthur S. Pavlovic

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... seasonally from between 40% and 80% based on estimates from loss on ignition between 100 C and 550 C. Analogues of many types of crystalline pyrite morphology...


Chapter 5: Multiresolution Imaging of Shales Using Electron and Helium Ion Microscopy

Timothy Cavanaugh, Joel Walls

AAPG Special Volumes

..., and field emission scanning electron microscopy/transmission electron microscopy image analyses: Examples from the Barnett, Woodford, Haynesville, Marcellus...


Geochemical Dynamics of an Ephemeral Spring in Limestone, Red Bud Valley, Rogers County, Oklahoma

Sedimentary Geochemistry Class

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... (approximately 15 seconds). Bicarbonate alkalinity (HCO3-) was measured in the field in order to minimize changes due to loss of CO2 during handling...


Separation of Quartz and Feldspars from Mudrocks: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

Harvey Blatt, Richard L. Jones, Raymond G. Charles

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... surfaces in preparation for sodium analyses of feldspars using atomic absorption spectrophotometry. 9) Ignite filter paper in a pre-weighed crucible...


End-Member Feldspar Concentrations Determined by FTIR Spectral Analysis

Abigail Matteson, Michael M. Herron

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...; Harville and Freeman 1988; Liang et al. 1990). Mineral identification is possible because many minerals have characteristic absorption bands...


Fatty Acids, Chlorins, Hydrocarbons, Sterols, and Carotenoids from a Black Sea Core: Geochemistry

Eric Peake, Daniel J. Casagrande, Gordon W. Hodgson

AAPG Special Volumes

... oil, oil shale, and petroleum by absorption and mass spectrometry: Jour. Chem. and Eng. Data II, p. 81-88. Niaussat, P., C. Auger, and L. Mallet, 1970...


Hyperspectral imaging for the determination of bitumen content in Athabasca oil sands core samples

Michelle Speta, Benoit Rivard, Jilu Feng, Michael Lipsett, and Murray Gingras

AAPG Bulletin

... loss; and for this purpose, core samples are typically kept frozen after drilling. Freezing core is expensive and complicates transport...


Diagenetic and Compositional Controls of Wettability in Siliceous Sedimentary Rocks, Monterey Formation, California, #50973 (2014)

Kristina Hill, Richard J. Behl

Search and

... that the loss of polar water molecules with progression of silica diagenesis will result in a decreased wettability to water and increase in wettability to oil...


Iron-Rich Layers in Sediments from the Gulf of Mexico

Jerry A. Watson, Ernest E. Angino

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...., AND BILLINGS, G. K., 1967, Atomic absorption spectrometry in geology. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 144 p. BERNER, R. A., 1969, Goethite stability and the origin...


Environmental Bandwagons

Eric Eslinger, Uriel Oko, Jacqueline A. Smith, G. H. Holliday

Special Publications of SEPM

.... A negative result on floor tile, mastics, and roofing must be confirmed via TEM (transmission electron microscopy) at perhaps $150./sample. PCM (phase...


Abstract: Enrichment of Three Forms of Unburned Carbon from Fly Ash by Density Gradient Centrifugation

D. N. Taulbee, M. M. Maroto-Valer, J. C. Hower

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... specification C-618. Of the properties specified, the most important with respect to fly ash are loss on ignition (LOI) and fineness. The fineness criteria...


A Method for the Determination of Nitrogen in Clays, with Application to the Burial Diagenesis of Shales: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Paul A. Schroeder , Ellery D. Ingall

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... and involves specialized apparatus and many reagents (Bremmer 1965). The technique of IR spectroscopy uses the absorption of the IR-active normal...


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