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Collection and Processing of Digitized Acoustic Log Data

R. A. Broding J. L. Poole

CSPG Bulletin

.... Digital punched tape logs from retraced analog recordings as well as digital recordings made by punching tapes directly from the recording galvanometer...


Multichannel Profiles Collected in 1982 in the Tonga Region of the South Pacific

Dennis M. Mann

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... in each section of the streamer. A patch panel is used to combine the 48 sections into 24 channels before the analog data enter the GUS recording system...


Multichannel Seismic Operations for CCOP/SOPAC Cruise, Leg 3, Solomon Islands

D. M. Mann

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... Geological Survey, M e n l o Park, California 94025, U S A EQUIPMENT AND DATA FORMATS 3 capacities. The total v o l u m e o f 1,311 i n (21.48 1...


The Wellsite Computer – An Aid to Log Evaluation and Log Quality Control

Sami O. Ajam, S. E. Blalock, C. F. Vanberg, C. D. Donaghe

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... devices operated as computer peripherals. Output can be made in several formats to allow the log analyst to quickly recognize important formation data...


Seafloor Mapping by Microcomputer-Assisted Side-Scan Sonar: Appendix 5-1

D. B. Prior, J. M. Coleman, R. L. Caron, E. G., G. Waltham

AAPG Special Volumes

... in real time or stored on magnetic tape for replay and image enhancement. This system is particularly useful for sea floor mapping, since true-scale...


ABSTRACT: Will Geoinformatics Change the Way We Work?; #90013 (2003)

M. Lee Allison

Search and

...: acquisition of analog and digital legacy data; efficient information and data retrieval mechanisms (via data mining and web services); accessibility...


Some Recent Advances in Exploration Geophysical Techniques and Data Processing

Edward F. Zagst, C. L. Robinson

GCAGS Transactions

... range over that provided by the conventional analog equipment. Another advantage of recording on digital tape is that the field data may be fed directly...


A Settling Tube For Sand-size Analysis

Ronald J. Gibbs

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... in digital form on punched paper tape for later automatic computer handling. This data handling system (1973 prices: $3200 ±) requires an analog...


Shallow Geology of North Aleutian Shelf Area, Bering Sea, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Peter J. Hoose, Katherine H. Ashenfelter

AAPG Bulletin

... that comprises an array of four 15-in.3 waterguns with both analog and 12-fold processed formats, an 800-joule minisparker, a 3.5-kHz profiler, a narrow-bean...


Arun Field Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion System

Robert S. Metcalf, Zulkarnain Muzakkir

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Primary and Backup Central Computer Systems Each of the DEC PDP 11/44 computer systems has its own disk drives, magnetic tape unit, communication...


Seismic Surveying Today and Tomorrow

L. I. Ivanov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

...) The product of seismic surveying was first a seismogram, which was used for interpretation. An important improvement was the of tape recording...


Securing Government Data Assets in Oil and Gas

Sukma Saleh Hasibuan, Saleh Abdurrahman

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... by conducting some re-mastering effort on old data tape and digitizing the physical data to allow the optimum use of the data for oil and gas development...


Geological and Borehole Features Described by the Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool

Joseph F. Goetz, Douglas D. Seiler, Charles S. Edmiston

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... Amplitude. Previous generations of BHTV tools recorded directly on photographic film or analog tape. While this approach produced clear images under...


Hudson Bay Project, 1965: Aeromagnetic Surveys

P. J. Hood, P. Sawatsky, Margaret E. Bower

Atlantic Geology

... digitally on magnetic tape the total intensity of the earth's magnetic field at two heights. This was accomplished using a *Manuscript Atlantic Geology...


ABSTRACT: Accessible Geo-Artifacts

Thomas Fulton

Petroleum History Institute

... was such that seismic data was being recorded on analog magnetic tape, older technology of recording it on photographic paper was obsolete, and digital recording...


ABSTRACT: The History and Geology of the Fairport Oil Field in Russell and Ellis Counties, Kansas

Ernie Morrison

Petroleum History Institute

... used to locate petroleum resources. The timing was such that seismic data was being recorded on analog magnetic tape, older technology of recording...


Sedimentary Cycles in the Virgilian Series (Upper Pennsylvanian) of the Anadarko Basin

Bailey Rascoe, JR.

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... cycles which comprize the Virgilian stage in the Anadarko basin; to set up mappable subsurface units [formats] which reflect these cycles...


Amplitude Recovery of Digitally Recorded Data

Roy O. Lindseth

Pacific Section of AAPG

... magnetic tape and the signal is the reason for the elaborate AGC (Automatic Gain Control) amplifiers which were a characteristic of the analog recording era...


Seismic Data Acquisition on Land: Part 7. Geophysical Methods

Dale M. Short

AAPG Special Volumes

... of cable systems: analog and telemetry. The analog systems have a pair of wires for each geophone group and several additional pairs of wires for roll...


South American Shales: A Regional Assessment

Steve Osborne

GEO ExPro Magazine

... evaluation elements included an analog comparison of what we found in South America compared to what we knew about North America, a comprehensive...


Structural Geology and Fracture Analysis of Grotto Canyon, Alberta

Search and

... it an important analog for what may be occurring in the foothills of compressional belts around the world. This study analyzed a variety of different features...


Log Analysis Applications: Part 8. Integrated Computer Methods

Charles A. Cleneay

AAPG Special Volumes

... range of values. Each wireline company has its own proprietary format for recording digital data. The two most common formats are LIS (the de facto...


Data, the Cloud and Me: A Geoscientist's Perspective

Rhian Burrell, Charles Jones, Joseph Nicholson, James Selvage

GEO ExPro Magazine

... used to build global analog feature collections for future machine learning. using the cloud. near-limitless compute?” From an IT perspective...


Zama--A Geophysical Case History: Case Histories

Hugh Evans

AAPG Special Volumes

... (18 m) deep, with 5-lb (2.25 kg) charges; and 5. A 19-57 analog record filter, with tape AVC and 0 mix. A 36-channel unit was used for two main reasons...


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