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Laminated ("Varvitic") Carbonates and Anhydrites from Ordovician and Devonian of Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

A. C. Kendall

AAPG Bulletin

...) and supratidal (sabkha) origin. Carbonate-anhydrite laminites occur as a basin facies of the Middle Devonian Winnipegosis Formation in Saskatchewan...


Facies, Diagenesis, and Porosity Relations of Buda, Georgetown, McKnight, and West Nueces Carbonate Rocks of Maverick Basin: ABSTRACT

Alonzo D. Jacka

AAPG Bulletin

... fresh groundwaters dissolved replacement anhydrite after hydrocarbons had accumulated in secondary intercrystalline voids. The Buda has no reservoir...


Origin of Dolomite, Red River Formation, Richland County, Montana: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Longman, Thomas G. Fertal, James S. Glennie

AAPG Bulletin

.... (May) Distribution of limestone, dolomite, and anhydrite as determined from compensated neutron-density logs and core studies of the Ordovician Red...


ABSTRACT: Sedimentology and Diagenesis of Hondo Evaporites within the Grosmont Giant Heavy Oil Carbonate Reservoir, Alberta, Canada; #90108 (2010)

Mary L. Borrero and Hans G. Machel

Search and

.... Nevertheless, several in-situ recovery schemes are under consideration. Evaporite minerals in the Hondo are represented by gypsum and anhydrite, which...


Note on "A Review of Oil and Gas Pools in North Louisiana Territory": GEOLOGICAL NOTES

J. P. D. Hull, W. C. Spooner

AAPG Bulletin

...) WALLACE E. PRATT: Mr. Washburne has suggested that the anhydrite in the Lower Cretaceous rocks at Pine Island which Mr. Hull has described has heretofore...


ABSTRACT: Geology of the Tilston Interval (Mississippian) of Central North Dakota


Montana Geological Society

..., intertidal and supratidal carbonates overlain by supratidal anhydrite. In the deeper portions of the Williston Basin, the anhydrite...


Salado Formation of the Permian Basin: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Walter B. Lang

AAPG Bulletin

... anhydrite and calcite and in the northeast half of the basin includes thick beds of clean white halite. The upper, or Salado formation, occupies not only...



AAPG Bulletin

... and continental. Page 1786, Fig. 4. Near top of cut, Ruster anhydrite should be Rustler anhydrite. In cut line, Copper pool should be Cooper pool...


Structure of the Upper Jurassic Halogen Complex and its Role in Predicting Buried Reefs in the Amu-Dar’ya Regional Low

Kh. Khudaykuleyev

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... below and a sulfate member above (I and II, respectively in Fig. 2, A). Above this is salt with beds of anhydrite (III) and then salt with potassium...


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