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Annulus Cementing with Coil Tubing Packer Methods with Case Study on Sisi Nubi Field

Ramadhani Rachman, Izzad Abidy

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...Annulus Cementing with Coil Tubing Packer Methods with Case Study on Sisi Nubi Field Ramadhani Rachman, Izzad Abidy IPA20-E-100 PROCEEDINGS...


Lesson Learned on Setup Dual Pod Blenders and Performing Hydraulic Fracturing with Live Annulus in Muara Structure, Sangasanga Field, Indonesia

Mochamad Riza Zakaria, Johannes Adrian, Andri Haribowo, Kristoforus Widyas Tokoh, Ridwan Kyai Demak, Syarafina Eka Winiari, Mochamad Sukanto, Luciana Soetikno, Lukman Akhmadi, Areiyando Makmun, Tunggal Purwoko

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...Lesson Learned on Setup Dual Pod Blenders and Performing Hydraulic Fracturing with Live Annulus in Muara Structure, Sangasanga Field, Indonesia...


Dual Gas Lift Experience in Handil Field

D. Plathey, J. L. Granger, A. R. Agam, F. Arnaud

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... are independant). b) Dual gas lift with both strings equipped with Side Pocket Mandrels and gas injected through the annulus for both strings (Dual...


Internal Check Valve Installation to Eliminate Well Integrity Issue

Iman Prasodjo, Lily Gandakusuma, Narendra Rangga Alam Aji

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... pressure/temperature and annulus pressures) and maintenance program, found some wells have problem with internal seal failure in the hanger carrier...


Origin of Casing Annulus Gas in Cognac Field and Significance of Marine Sediment Hydrocarbon Surveys: ABSTRACT

A. N. Fuex

AAPG Bulletin

...Origin of Casing Annulus Gas in Cognac Field and Significance of Marine Sediment Hydrocarbon Surveys: ABSTRACT A. N. Fuex 1981 928 928 65 5. (May...


Drilling with A Floating Mud Cap

Rod Harris

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... circulation down the drill pipe and returning up the annulus becomes impossible. Alternate means of controlling the well and safely drilling ahead must...


Annular Pressure Build Up in Subsea Well

Tegar Putra Adi Perdana, Samuel Zulkhifly

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... during production or injection, but also during well testing and drilling. APB is the pressure generated within an annulus by thermal expansion...


Efficacious Use of Simple and Cost Effective Acoustic Flow Analyzer Measurement to Enhance Recovery and Improve Life Cycle of Wells

Omar Alaref, Mahmoud Saada, Mongi Abdelmoula, Marvin Rourke

Africa Energy and Technology Conference, 2016

... into the annulus to find the leak. It is ideal to have geothermal temperature of the well (i.e. temperature survey before perforation), to check for any...


Abstract: Gamma Ray and MWD (Measurement-While-Drilling) Logging

Trevor Dickinson

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... MWD tools for example Annulus Pressure, Temperature, Resistivity and Gamma Ray. ***** Warta Geologi (Newsletter of the Geological Society...


Abstract: Environmental Implications of a Gas Well Blowout in Northwest Louisiana - A Case Study

Michael S. Kline, David T. McKenzie, William H. Schramm

GCAGS Transactions

... uncased annulus until reaching the base of the cemented surface casing where it dispersed laterally in the Nacatoch formation at a depth...


ABSTRACT: Assessment of In-Situ Gas Saturation and Permeability From Logs in the Hugoton Field Based on the Physics of Mud-Filtrate Invasion; #90048 (2005)

Carlos Torres-Verdin, Faruk O. Alpak, Bovan George, Ray Sorenson, Grant Robertson

Search and

... for the presence of a prominent low-resistivity annulus in many of the wells drilled in the Hugoton field. This resistivity annulus suppresses...


Method Execution Monitoring Optimization for Gunk Plug to Combat Loss Circulation in Extreme Condition

Nataniel B. Sangka, Satrio Wibowo, Sekar Ayu Ardhanareswari

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... hold the annulus hydrostatic of drilling fluid therefore all the fluid is loss. In extreme condition where only narrow window of equivalent circulation...


Pressure Activated Sealant to Restore Tubing Integrity … Case Study of Well Tn-X in Mahakam

Gitani Tsalitsah Dahnil, Arif Setiaji Wibowo, Rantoe Marindha, Pratika Siamsyah Kurniawati, Risal Rahman, Reyhan Hidayat

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of A annulus pressure. The leak point was indicated from Production Logging Tool (PLT) at 183 m suspected from tubing thread connection, with annulus...


Abstract: Casing Integrity During Fracturing Operations; #90187 (2014)

Don Getzlaf

Search and

.... The fracturing fluid is transmitted through the ports into the openhole annulus, and a fracture is created within the interval isolated by openhole packers...


Cement Placement in Severe Doglegs and Its Impact on Well Integrity: A Numerical Assessment

Hao Yu, Arash Dahi Taleghani, Zhanghua Lian

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... may make the formed annulus space so complex that prevent full placement of the cement around the casing, which can endanger well integrity in some...


Mud Cap Drilling for Combating Total Loss Circulation in a Heterogeneous Clay and Limestone Formation of XX Well, Offshore North West Java

Taufan Arhammar, Reza Rahman, Mukhlis Taufik, Aris Kurniawan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... In this MCD process, mud is pumped concurrently from the drill string and the annulus with sufficient pumping rate. The other effect of pumping mud through...


Five Years of Deep Fluid Disposal into the Ellenburger of the Fort Worth Basin; #80227 (2012)

Edward Ficker

Search and

... - 94931 Max Monthly Annulus Pressure (PSIG) Edward Ficker, App Geoscience, PO Box 11, Fort Worth, Texas 76101 Max Monthly Annulus Pressure (PSIG...


An Improved Model of Annular Pressure Buildup with Thermally Changed Expansivity and Compressibility in Deepwater Wells

Ricko Rizkiaputra, Muhammad Ihsan Aljabbar

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... The improved model then integrates those four calculations and results the cummulative pressure buildup in the annulus. Moreover, this model also shows...


Extended Abstract: A Steady-State Approach for Surge and Swab Pressures Calculation of Herschel-Buckley Fluids in Directional/Horizontal Wells

Wenlong Jiang, Honghai Fan, Rongyi Ji, Deqiang Tian, Wen Zixiang, Yuan Gao, Rui Dai, Fuxin Han, Sun Yizhen

Africa Energy and Technology Conference, 2016

... annuli. A axial laminar flow model in eccentric annulus is developed using narrow slot flow model with the H-B rheological model. The drilling fluid...


Drill Stem Testing with Underbalanced TCP – Problems and Evaluation

Jayant R. Jethnani

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is incorporated. This tool is to trap a sample of formation fluid produced during a DST. Fluid in the annulus and below the packer is weighted mud...


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