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Improving Cement Placement in Horizontal Wells of Unconventional Reservoirs Using Magneto-Rheological Fluids

Mansur Ermila, Alfred W. Eustes, Mehdi Mokhtari

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... process, cement has the tendency to flow in the upper wide part of the annulus, thus bypassing mud in the narrow part of the annulus. This causes...


Retrievable Gas Lift (Regal) System to Unlock Oil Potential in Well Without Artificial Lift

Adi Krishna, Prayudi Noverri, Muhammad Nadrul Jamal, I Gde Permana Setiawan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Lift Annulus (GLA, i.e. Gas Lift Pack Off and Siphon String). The implementation of REGAL is challenging both from a subsurface as well as from...


Determining Well Growth in High Temperature Well by History Matching to the Production Data

M. Syaiful Nurdin, Fianti Ramadhani, Yang Zhi, Michael Etuhoko

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... will increase the wellhead temperatures and during the process, it heats up the tubing, annulus, and casing respectively. And as a respond...


Subsurface Technology Sharing from Oil and Gas to Geothermal Resources

Silviu Livescu, Birol Dindoruk

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... temperature for such parameters as the fluid flow rate, well length, inner tubing and annulus diameters, geothermal temperature, and overall heat...


Temperature Insulation Design for Deepwater Gas Well Test, Abadi Field

Masato Okuno, Ken Makishima

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... that the significant heat loss in the riser section was occurring because of natural convection in riser annulus fluid, which was low viscous potassium...


Improving Cement Bond Logs in Water Disposal Wells: A Case Study of Step Change Optimization Until Achieving the Excellence

C. Sutama, A. Salehpour, F. Inayah, D. Mathews, D. Mueller

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... wells have been injected into with no indication of fluid communication in the annulus and no annulus pressure build up. INTRODUCTION When oil and gas...


Well Integrity Management in Mahakam, Total E&P Indonesie

Rangga Saputra, Miazzy Maharanoe, Dasa Manalu, V. Limawan, Zaki Hatmanda

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., are assessed individually. In addition, annulus pressures are also assessed as its behavior indicates well integrity issue. Development of Mahakam...


Case Study and Analysis of Bottomhole Pressure Management During Drillstring Connections Made in a Managed Pressure Drilling Operation in Indonesia

Joydi MirzaZein, Ardia Karnugroho, Julius Sosa, Julmar Shaun Toralde

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to choke position and movement and surface backpressure throughout the annulus are graphed for comparison and analysis. With the proper use of MPD equipment...


Abstract: Enhancement of CBM Production by Optimising Operation Pressure; #90234 (2015)

Xingjin Wang

Search and

... that control on annulus pressure is helpful in protecting fracture from collapse. Permeability Change During Production Figure 1 shows the results...


Expanding Cement Application for High Rate Gas Wells in South Sumatra

C. Sutama, F. Inayah, A. Wiryoatmojo, R. Widyaningsih, D. Mueller

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... continues. The presence of SCP indicates that there is a communication between a sustainable pressure source in the particular annulus; in many cases due...


ABSTRACT: Cementing for Long Term Integrity; #90115 (2010)

Christian E. Onyema

Search and

... efficiently and the cement slurry placed in the annulus. The set cement sheath should withstand the stresses induced by various well operations and maintain...


Annular Integrity Analysis a Through-Tubing Measurement and Analysis Method to Identify, Diagnose and Quantify Fluid Movement in Multiple Annuli Caused by Loss of Annular Integrity

Alan Muhadjir, Sathish Kumar

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... sustained annulus pressure and loss of zonal isolation, both of which can significantly impair the productive capability and efficiency of the well...


Basic Disposal-Well Design

A. C. Barlow

AAPG Special Volumes

.... Nevertheless, where plastic tubing is used, the annulus must be pressurized to insure against failure by bursting. Should the injection pressure decrease...


Pressurized Mud Cap Drilling Leads Operation to Reach Targeted Depth in Carbonate Formation Drilling in Indonesia

Joydi Mirza Zein, Fikri Irawan, Ardia Karnugroho

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... formation equivalent mud weight is filled in the annulus to prevent influx from reaching the surface. With the utilization of MPD equipment especially...


Successful Well Integrity Assurance with ESP packer utilization - A Case in South Sumatra On-Shore

Masrisetyo Adi, Afrinaldi Zulhen, Agung Sedayu, Aryawan Bondan Jalasatriya, Ahmad Izzul Huda

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and found fluid return on annulus B (5-1/2” x 9-5/8”) & C (9-5/8” x 13-3/8”). Next, 5-1/2” packer was run & set at 700 ft followed by successful pressure test...


Innovative Early Development of the Shallow Zone to Sustain the Production of the Mature Field Bekapai

Goldy Oceaneawan, Asmoro Santo, Uswatun Hasanah, Antus Mahardhini

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... intervention procedure involving: annulus cementing, perforation, and sand control device installation was applied to access the reservoirs. Sand...


A Unified Model to Predict Flowing Pressure and Temperature Distributions in Horizontal Wellbores for Different Energized Fracturing Fluids

Zhengming Xu, Kan Wu, Xianzhi Song, Gensheng Li, Zhaopeng Zhu, Zhaoyu Pang

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... on pressure and temperature are less than 5%. The effects of injection pressure, mass flow rate, annulus fluid type, foam quality, and proppant volumetric...


No Wait-On-Cement (NO WOC) Successfully Applied in Pertamina Hulu Mahakam (PHM) and Creating Significant Well Rig Time Saving

Humisar-Alprialdus Sinaga, Hery Sardjono, Dasa-Suryantara Manalu, Crisa Agriawan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... cementing are (1) the Wait-on-Cement (WOC) activity shall always be performed with annulus & diverter shut in, (2) perform annulus and hole flow check...


Underground Storage--The Liquid Petroleum Gas Industry's Stabilizer

Dan T. McDonald

CSPG Bulletin

.... Into the outer annulus is injected a static seal blanket of propane to protect the cement bond at the roof of the cavern. Fresh water is pumped down...


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