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Tubing Anchors can Reduce Production Rates and Pump Fillage

James N. McCoy, Lynn Rowlan, Carrie-Anne Taylor, Tony Podio

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... falls down the casing wall while the casing annulus is almost completely filled with gas if the pump is set below the formation. Field testing using...


Well Leak Problem - A Case Study: Precise Diagnosis and Cure Technology Delivers Fast and Effective Well Remediation, Avoiding Costly Recompletion

Nita Wangsamulia, Damar Pracoyo, Sathish Kumar, Agung Cahyono

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... MMCFD gas in Sumatra Onshore had failed a well integrity test. An abnormal annular pressure indicated tubing to annulus communication between...


First Sub-Sea DST Well Test With ESP in Indonesia

Imanudin, Mohammad Reza Yazdi, Khaled Hatem, Li Chun Long, Azriz Azim Abdul Aziz

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... at the bottom of the string, annulus pressure changes would have to be minimized to protect the electric cable from damage. A simplified tool string...


On Causes of Partial Cement Deficiency at Doglegs and its Impact on Casing Failure; An Integrated Modeling Approach

Hao Yu, Arash Dahi Taleghani, Zhanghua Lian

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... relationships between the casing string and borehole, which may result in poor cement displacement efficiency due to the variable annulus geometry...


Casing Corrosion in the Moomba Area, Cooper Basin, South Australia

S. Martucci

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

..., and the second between the production casing and tubing. On completion of the well the former annulus is left filled with drilling mud and pre-flush...


Cement Slurry Optimization for Horizontal Cementing Prior to Multistage Stimulation in Sumatra Light North Field, Indonesia

Reny Kusumawatie, Andre Simanjuntak, Mathieu Pasteris

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to uneven wellbore geometry created by the friction of the drill string in the open hole, the accumulation of cuttings at the bottom side of the annulus...


Zonal Isolation Surveillance … A Case Study a Through-Tubing Measurement and Analysis Method Which Can Identify and Diagnose Fluid Movement in Annuli Caused by Loss of Annular Integrity

B.R. Wijaya, A. Prawesti, Z. Rahamanda, A. Mansur, A.H. Prasetyo, A. Muhadjir, W. Andono, M. Saada, M. Abdelmoula

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... annulus space between casing and well bore wall is an important job in many oil wells. Cementing of the annulus may take place during drilling stage...


Gas Lift Technology Guidance for Better Decision Making Based on 40 Years Proven Implementation for HANDIL Field, Delta Mahakam

Adnan Syarafi Ashfahani, Geraldie Lukman Wijaya, Sulistiyo, Adi Krishna, Ryan Wijaya, Antus Mahardhini, Dadik Hendra Kusuma

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... initially in 1981 as the part of initial Handil field development. This gas lift type basically is a conventional annulus gas lift type which applied...


Requirements for the Monitoring of Industrial Deep-Well Waste-Disposal Systems

J. S. Talbot

AAPG Special Volumes

... measurement of wellhead injection pressure and of injection tube-casing annulus pressure; definition of corrosive effects of the waste on the well materials...


Animas Chacra (Gas), T. 31 N., R. 10 W., NMPM San Juan Country, New Mexico

W. F. Hoppe

Four Corners Geological Society

... Production Casing: Annulus (see below) Perforations: 1 shot per foot, 3,444 to 3,446 feet; 3,454 to 3,456 feet; 3,470 to 3,486 feet; 3,737 to 3,739 feet...


Well Completions in Arun Field

Samin Tanjung, Syahrizal Tamin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... completions experienced abnormally high annulus pressures due to tubing and wellhead seal leaks. Some leaks ere considered severe as demonstrated...


Through Tubing Sand Control With Vent Screen

Bonifasius Muryanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... old) with a very small ID Dual annulus configuration: sand control solution to be applied in a concentric configuration of 5”1/2 blank pipe inside...


Mechanical Control of Annular Gas Flow, a Case Study and Way Forward Analysis

Guillaume Tarnaud, Philippe Essel, Jack Newberry, Franck Wendlinger, C.O. “Doc” Stokley

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... strengths resulted in numerous wells with SCP, three rig evacuations and two rig fires. A mechanical solution using a casing annulus packer (CAP...


The Combination of Well Engineering, Well Integrity, and Managed Pressure Drilling to Assist and Support Indonesia's Drilling and Completion Operations

Donny H. Gultom, Fikri Irawan, Ardia Karnugroho, Chad Wuest

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... with MPD technique require the closed loop circulation environment to have the capability of pressure containment to manipulate the annulus pressure...


Plunger-Enhanced Chamber Lift (PECL) is the Best Lift Method for Continuous Dewatering of Tight CBM Reservoir with Very Low Water Production and Bottom Hole Pressure

Christian Bimo Ady, R. Aburizal Valdi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... for CBM production because it allows the methane to be produced continuously through primary/outer annulus since the gas required to lift the plunger...


The Advantages of Casing Drilling for Top Hole Section in Managing Shallow Gas Risk

Deni Setiawan, Arnold Rico Novrianto, Muhammad Syarif Ali Akbarsyah

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... at a critical small annulus in a casing drilling scenario. To maintain the integrity of the well due to narrow clearance of annular volumes means...


Extended Abstract: Innovations of Gas Lift in Prolific, Long-Perforations, and Multilayered Wells, Case Study in Sudan

Xueqing Tang, Lirong Dou, Ruifeng Wang, Jie Wang, Shengbao Wang, Jianshun Wang, Junhui Shi

Africa Energy and Technology Conference, 2016

... from the lower zones for in-situ gas lift. 2).Produce well stream from the casing annulus while injecting natural gas into the tubing. 3).High...


More Effective Means of Distributing Steam into Multisand Reservoirs

K. C. Hong, S. Griston, S. D. Cook

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the upper oil zone to prevent steam from flowing up the casing annulus. A second single-string thermal packer is set between the two target oil zones to keep...


External Casing Packer (ECP) Installation on Cased Hole at Heavy Loss Zone

Ali Fahmi, Ridwan Alfarizi, Rofiq Hermawan, Ariyanto Darmawan, Wingki Harwanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... reviews the feasibility study and installation of an uncommon packer as annulus tubing isolation use multivalve system ECP (External Casing Packer...


Surface Casing Perforation, A Promising and Reliable Solution for Producing Marginal Reserves of Shallow Reservoir Layer in Shallow Gas Prone Tunu Field

Ronggo Wiyono Sakuro Putro, Bramarandhito Sayogyo, Gitani Tsalitsah Dahnil, Sandy Warsito

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... logging which aims to identify any potential cement integrity problems in the outer Annulus, and then proceeds with Annulus Cementing, Cement Logging...


Numerical Simulation of Thermal Stress on Entrapped Pressure of Deepwater and Further Research on Anti-Thermal-Stress Casing Tools

Changbin Kan, Jin Yang, Xiaocong Yu, Wei Meng, Nanding Hu, Bo Zhou, Bailing Zhang, Zhiqiang Hu

Africa Energy and Technology Conference, 2016

... fluid would be entrapped in the technical casing annulus between wellhead sealing washer and the top of cement mantle. And when being in production...


Abstract: The Cement Bond Log, A Sonic Method for Analyzing the Quality of Cementation of Borehole Casings

M. Grosmangin, F. P. Kokesh, and P. Majani

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... by a casing is greatly increased when that casing is bonded to an outer annulus of hard material (such as set cement) which has a sonic wave velocity...


Coccolithophorids as Ecologic Indicators in Oceanic Sediments: ABSTRACT

Andrew McIntyre, Allan W. H. Be

AAPG Bulletin

... by Umbellosphaera tenuis, Umbellosphaera irregularis (erroneously called Discoaster murrayi by some workers), and in lower concentrations, Coccolithus annulus...


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