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ABSTRACT Model of CO2 Leakage Rates Along a Wellbore, #90104 (2010)

Tao Qing; Bryant Steven L.

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... channel, micro fracture, or micro  annulus.     We develop a new model that incorporates CO2 properties in a discrete pathway along a wellbore...


Abstract: Monitoring Multi-Zone Gas Wells to Reduce Operational Cost and Risk; #90172 (2014)

Alejandro Sanchez

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... the annulus to produce the gas and measuring the temperature profile along the entire well. The distributed temperature data results are used to calculate...


Success Story : Loss Circulations System Approach in Cementing Leads to Excellent Zonal Isolation on a Severe Losses Reservoir

Melinda Puspitasari, Satrio Wibowo, Iqbal Zealanda, Edo Anuraga, Gatot Darmaji, Jhonny Saragih

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... cement column can be resulting of gas migration or poor cement quality behind the casing (i.e micro annulus, channeling). The new retarder solution...


Pressure Window Analysis for Aerated Drilling Success in Geothermal Wells,

Ghifari Yoga Pradhana, Isnani Agriandita

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... in the annulus column to control undesirable kick thus following feed zone can be achieved as well. The result of pressure window analysis and aerated...


Retrofit Gas Lift System, Unconventional Method to Maximize Hydrocarbon Recovery

Afif, Djabaruddin, Kurniawan Purwoko, Eko Andriyanto, Sylvia Yusim

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... production tubing was run in 7-5/8” x 7” x 41/2” tapered production casing. Production packer was set on the upper casing to isolate A-annulus from tubing...


Satellite Subsea Wells – Design and Installation

A. W. Morton

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of the hole to pack off the annulus. The annulus pressure is monitored from the platform, Figure 2. Figure 2. Dual Completion with Four Safety Valves Control...


Intermittent Gas Lift Implementation in Low Influx and Gassy Wells

Fajar Ariesita, Agustinus Zandy

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... It has a control valve which will open and close according to the setting time cycle. When the valve opens to inject gas through the annulus it is called...


The Effect of High Pressure and Temperature Variations on the Hydraulic of Dual Gradient Drilling Operations Using Lifting Method

Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun, Hafiz Adi Kurnia

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., the wellbore is drilled with two different annulus fluid gradients in place. By having two distinct pressure gradients, a favorable pressure profile...


Application of Oxygen Activation Logging for Detecting Water Flow Behind Casing/Tubing in Minas Field


Indonesian Petroleum Association

... injection wells, the WFL was run to quantify the water down flow and/or up flow in the annulus between the 7" casing and the 3-1/2" perforated tubing...


Determining the Optimal Artificial Lift Implementation Strategy in the Midland Basin

Y. Pradhan, H. Xiong, J. Forrest, J. Zhu, A. Kianinejad, A. Cui, S. Gao

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... criteria. Two VFP tables were generated for natural flow—one for flow through tubing and the other for flow through annulus. For those cases with ESP...


Additional Applications of Optimal Artificial Lift Strategies in the Permian Basin

Yogashri U. Pradhan, Hongjie Xiong, James K. Forrest, Jane Zhu

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... as switching criteria. Two VFP tables were generated for natural flow—one for flow through tubing and the other for flow through annulus. For those...


Coiled-Tubing-Assisted Hydraulic Fracturing of CBM Wells in India Using CT-Deployed Hydrajet Perforation Technology; #41072 (2012)

Ajay Sharma, Dushyant Bhalla, and Sumit Bhat

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... the interval without removing the CT. This is achieved by pumping the fracturing fluid down the casing-CT annulus. The fractured zone is then isolated...


Casing Design in Relation to Blowout Prevention and Well Control in the Cooper Basin, South Australia

K. B. English

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... of those conditions in the open hole annulus at the time of kick detection, to the situation as it would be when the gas influx reaches the surface...


Well Control Approach in Slim Hole Wells Applications and HP Environment

Andre Glowacz, Bernard Lopez, Christian Baranthol

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... pipe pressure (SPP during shut-in) Static Maximum Allowable Annulus Surface Pressure stand pipe pressure Frac Pressure annulus pressure losses (from...


Extended Abstract: Annular Barrier as an Alternative to Squeezes in Challenging Wells: Technology Review and Case Histories

Joseph Bagal, Gbenga Onadeko, Paul Hazel, Vibjørn Dagestad

Africa Energy and Technology Conference, 2016

..., protect the B-annulus from sustained casing pressure, or serve as a barrier between reservoirs that cannot be commingled. This paper performs a review...


Seafloor Wells and TFL – A Review of Nine Operating Years

Don Keprta

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is used as an access to the casing-tubing annulus. The flowline loops terminate in a horizontal plane on the diver platform at the base of the tree. All...


A Porothermoelastic Model Considering the DynamicTemperature-Perturbation Boundary Effect for Borehole Stability in Fractured Porous Rocks

Jiajia Gao, Hai Lin, Jin Sun, Xiuping Chen, Huixiang Wang, Xianfeng Liu

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... the four types of temperature inside the drilling pipe, borehole annulus, at the borehole wall, and formation. Furthermore, Under LTE (local thermal...


Temperature Modeling in Deep Sea Appraisal Gas Wells

Hiroshi Fukagawa, Tsuyoshi Raijo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Figure.4 shows the pressure and temperature measuring points in Abadi-X. There were three measuring points in the tubing and two points in the tubing annulus...


Assessment of CO2 Enhanced Gas Recovery in Shale Gas Reservoirs (Preliminary); #80296 (2013)

Brandon C. Nuttall, Michael L. Godec, Robert J. Butsch, and David E. Riestenberg

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.... The backside casing-tubing annulus was filled with gel across the perforations in the Sunbury and Berea and then filled with brine to surface. 18...


Innovative Completion Technique for Perforation, Single Trip Placement of the Completion String, and Effective Frac-Packing Long Intervals: Case Study from Natuna Sea, Indonesia

Paul Palthe, Pedro Saldungaray, Robert C. Burton, Eric Davis, Robert Stomp

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... prevented pre-maturely setting the gravelpack packer and was made redundant upon activating a rupture disk on the annulus, exposing from that point...


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